LGBT Activist Walter Trochez Shot to Death in Honduras

Doug Ireland reports on a horrible loss in Honduras:

Trochez "Walter Trochez 25 years old, a well-known LGBT activist in Honduras who was
an active member of the National Resistance Front against the coup d'etat there, was assassinated on the evening of December 13, shot dead by drive-by killers. Trochez, who had already been arrested and beaten for his sexual orientation after participating in a march against the coup, had been very active recently in documenting and publicizing homophobic killings and crimes committed by the forces behind the coup, which is believed to have been the motive for his murder. He had been trailed for weeks before his murder by thugs believed to be members of the state security forces.

In an open letter documenting this wave of political assassinations of Honduran queers he'd written last month entitled 'Increase in hate crimes and homophobia towards LGTB as a result of the civic-religious-military coup in Honduras,' Trochez had written that 'Once again we say it is NOT ACCEPTABLE that in these past 4 months, during such a short period, 9 transexual and gay friends were violently killed, 6 in San Pedro Sula and 3 in Tegucigalpa.' At the end of this open letter, Trochez declared that 'As a revolutionary, I will always defend my people, even if it takes my life'. Sadly, that's what happened."

Ireland points to a letter translated by American University Assistant Professor of Anthropology Adrienne Pine about the Trochez murder from the Centro de Investigación y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos (CIPRODEH — the Center for the Investigation and Promotion of Human Rights in Honduras), which you can find here.

Tegucigalpa The letter reads, in part: 

"On December 4th the human rights advocate Walter Tróchez, member of the LGBT community and active member of the Resistance Front was kidnapped and savagely beaten outside the 'El Obelisco' Park in Comayaguela, by four hooded men who drove a gray pickup, without plates, presumably of the DNIC [national criminal investigation directorate] (a vehicle of similar description, as he denounced publicly several months ago, had been staking out his house, obligating him to move).

On that day the kidnappers told him they knew him well and they were going to kill him. They hooded him, insulted him, and began to interrogate him about the resistance, asking for information about its leaders and its movements. At that time he managed to escape alive, and the next day he filed a complaint with national and international authorities.

Today we have been informed that he has been assassinated by two gunshots just outside of Larach & Co. in the center of Tegucigalpa."


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    I still have no idea what makes some human beings so brave–to be willing to face torture and assassination to achieve justice for others. Mr Trochez was just plain courageous.

  2. SFshawn says

    So many wasted YOUNG lives every day because of hate and intolerance while the old,hypocritical,religious bigots spout their hateful bullshit.
    Welcome to 2010.

  3. TANK says

    The official administration position is that the regime responsible for walter and several other’s murders (for being gay) is illegitimate, and will not be recognized by the united states (that’s now, but obama’s a jellyfish and is unable to lead effectively, so who knows what the future holds). One of the ways this thug regime garners support is through bigotry, which is a page right out of any other repressive regime. Hopefully, its leaders will either kill each other off in a desperate attempt at consolidation, and be killed by an outside force. In any event, the negotiation starts and ends with a bullet.

    This is a tragedy.

  4. TANK says

    Further, in spite of the administration’s refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of the regime and coup, jim demint traveled to honduras to meet with its leaders. I guess we can add treason to his laundry list of offenses against the united states.

  5. jamal49 says

    The cowards–esos malditos cobardes asquerosos–should not get away with this. You can bet that the Catholic Church, the Army, the Honduran government all had a hand in this heinous crime. Makes one want to start an international guerrilla brigade that will sneak into those countries, hunt down the murderers and kill them. I’m with Derrick on this! What a courageous young man! If any of us had 1/10th of the courage Mr.Trochez and we were able to harness it, we LGBT people would have had our full civil equality by now. God rest that young man’s soul.

  6. Shum Preston says

    I am a good friend of the Adrienne Pine referenced in this piece, and through her I have read much of the work of Walter.

    This news is disheartening on a number of levels…first, that this GLBT activist could be so alone in his work in a nearby country, when he needed the global GLBT community’s support…but also that once again a Latin American nation, aided by US corporations and the blind eye of the US government, is raping and pillaging its own people in order to prop up a few wealthy people at the top of the economy.

    It is impossible to truly follow the Honduras situation through the US news media, but the coup against a democratically-elected and popular President, combined with this kind of brutality, should make clear why the Honduran regime is not that different from the Iranian one, and why justice demands our government refuse to recognize the results of the recent election illegitimately held by the coup-government.

    Viva Walter. Viva Zelaya. Viva Honduras.

  7. Josh says

    For the love of all things holy,, it was NOT a coup. It was a completely legal proceeding. It is our law. Just because we don’t do things the way you do them in America, does not mean its a coup. That aside, this is sad,, but we should make him a post child for our cause, this was due to his support for a leftist agenda, not our agenda.

  8. castaway says

    Josh, you are CORRECT. This dead horse has been beaten over and over in the int’l media. I can tell you from first hand experience, Hondurans are sick of it.

    In a nut shell Former President Zelaya had all but aligned the country to become another Chavez dictatorship. Zelaya was repeatedly warned, then finally caught red handed and legally ousted (although illegally exiled in Costa Rica). The next in line took the reins, same political party. NOT A COUP!!!!!

  9. LuMan says

    Josh & Castaway, yanking a standing president out of his bed, in the middle of the night, in his pajamas, to try to oust him from power, is NOT as you claim, “a completely legal proceeding”. If a commander in chief is attempting things unconstitutional, there are actions to take within the law, to have him (her) removed, called, Impeachment Proceedings! THAT is your law! Not some guerrilla tactic attempt to overthrow an elected official! That was as unconstitutional as anything Manuel Zelaya was possibly attempting. Had the current regime in Honduras dealt with the Zelaya matter through the proper, LEGAL channels, they might be looked upon with more respect, both nationally and worldwide; unfortunately, while they claim to that they were simply trying to defend their constitution, their illegal actions set Honduras back about 30 years in the eyes of the global community…… Mano Dura, Death Squads, Repression, and yes, COUPS!!! Honduras deserves better!

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