Mexico City Gets Marriage Equality in Definitive Vote


Mexico City did the right thing yesterday:

"Joining only seven countries and five U.S. states, Mexico City's legislative assembly voted overwhelmingly Monday to legalize gay marriage. The vote changed the definition of marriage in the city's civil code from being between a man and a woman to 'the free uniting of two people.' Assembly members also approved a resolution allowing married gay couples to legally adopt children. The measure won with the unanimous support of lawmakers from the center-left Democratic Revolution Party, which controls the assembly. The 15 assembly members of the center-right National Action Party, to which President Felipe Calderon belongs, voted against the measure. The final vote was 39-20, with five abstentions. Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, also from the Democratic Revolution Party, is expected to sign the bill into law."

The city legalized civil unions three years ago and held its first civil union ceremony, between Antonio Medina, (right, above) and Jorge Cerpa, in March 2007.

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