New York Marriage Equality: The Post-Vote Blame Game

Here are the eight "no" votes from Democrats on marriage equality in New York state today, along with their email addresses if you'd care to speak your mind. The percentage before their names (thanks to Towleroad commenter Tanner) represents — FYI — their 2008 general election percentages.

53% Aubertine (Upstate) –
53% Stachowski (Upstate) –

58% Addabbo (Queens) –

81% Onorato (Queens) –

93% Diaz (Bronx) –

93% Kruger (Kings) –

100% Huntley (Queens) –

100% Monserrate (Queens) –

Looks like efforts need to focus on Queens, where four of the eight senators reside.

Joe Sudbay at Americablog notes:

Ny In New York, a lot of gay money was spent to
help Democrats retake control of the State Senate in New York last
fall. That was documented in a piece in the New York Times on October 26, 2008, which included this excerpt:

from trumpeting their involvement, gay rights groups have been largely
silent about their role in Senate campaigns for fear of raising the ire
of social conservatives. But a review of campaign finance disclosure
forms shows that gay and lesbian advocates have become a quiet but
potent force this election season.

All told, gay rights groups
and donors affiliated with them have given a total of at least $480,000
this year to Democratic Senate candidates and campaign funds controlled
by Democrats, according to the most recent disclosure documents
available. Much of that money was donated in the past month and pointed
at a handful of competitive races, campaign finance filings show.

Important to remember Tom Duane's note though: "Today also brought home the fact that the State Senate must maintain a
Democratic majority– and in even greater numbers. It was only under
Democratic leadership that this vote was possible. We must also have a
Governor willing to sign marriage equality into law."

Duane seemed confident before the vote that he had the numbers. I wonder where and why the rot began.

Of course this does not excuse the Republicans.

There were NO Republican "Yes" votes. 

You may recall that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he could get a couple of Republican votes but then backtracked on those claims in mid-October.

Meanwhile, Log Cabin Republicans have been trumpeting since April that there were strong chances for Republican support because party leadership was allowing them to "vote their conscience."

Their homophobic, bigoted, religiously-influenced consciences, apparently.

So what did the Log Cabin Republicans do following the vote? They blamed Democrats:

"Today we share in the frustration and disappointment that the Senate
did not pass the marriage equality bill. We are deeply saddened that
the Democratic Conference failed to secure the votes they promised,
undermining the possibility of a credible bipartisan vote of conscience
on the merits of marriage equality. Winning marriage equality in New
York requires the Democrats to keep their promises, and Log Cabin will
continue to work to ensure that Republicans vote their conscience when
that finally happens."

It's important to remember that a few years ago we wouldn't have even imagined taking a vote on marriage equality, so, yes, we have made progress, even in losing.