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Rally Planned for Victim of Sexual Assault in West Texas

Last week I posted about a hideous crime in the west Texas town of Terlingua in which an 18-year-old male, whose name is being withheld, was kidnapped and repeatedly sexually assaulted by two men before his car was set on fire in the Texas ghost town of Terlingua. There are still more questions than answers in the case and the investigation appears to be moving at a sluggish pace.

Terlingua I received an email yesterday from a reader, James, who lives in nearby Marfa, Texas. He is organizing a rally in support of the victim tonight and sent the following email out to residents of Marfa yesterday:

"Friends, Last week a brutal crime happened in our own backyard. An 18 year-old Terlingua boy was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by two older men. Thankfully he was able to escape and is lucky to be alive - See the full story below. The two perpetrators were arrested (It took two full days – even with a positive ID from the victim the previous Sunday night it happened) and bond has been set at a ridiculously low $35,000 for one of the men (That means he only has to post $3,500 for bail)! This is a blow both to the West Texas community at large and a blow to our sense of safety and security. Tomorrow (Monday the14th of December) I am asking you all to join me at 6 pm on the courthouse lawn to show your support for the victim of this awful crime and to stand with me against crimes like this. You will all have an opportunity to speak your mind at the end of the vigil. I have included contact info below for the Brewster Co. Judge’s office and the District attorney’s office. Please call or fax their offices to voice your opinion or raise questions about the choice to set bond so unbelievably low and why it took Brewster Co. officials such a long time to act. Please call and fax these offices! I hope to see you all tomorrow. Judge DeHeart: FAX# 1-432-837-1241 Telephone# 1-432-837-5831 Address: P.O. drawer #1410 Alpine, TX 79831 District Atty. J. Gonzalez: Fax # 1-432-336-8333 Telephone # 1-432-336-3322"

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  1. There a candlelight vigil today, Monday, at 6:00 at the picnic area in downtown Terlingua to show our love and support for the young victim of a recent violent crime and to help foster the healing process for him, our youth, and the community as a whole. There is also a fund started by local Terlingua folks for replacement of the young man's vehicle and also for counseling if he so wishes. There is a second vigil planned for the same time today in Alpine. If you wish to express your opinion on the way the case is being handled, here is the local judge and DA contact info:

    Judge DeHart:
    Fax 432-837-1241
    Telephone# 432-837-5831
    Address: P.O. Drawer #1410, Alpine, TX 79831
    District Atty. J. Gonzalez:
    Fax 432-336-8333
    Telephone 432-336-3322

    Posted by: Terlingua native | Dec 14, 2009 5:10:53 PM

  2. Native -

    Austinite here. Is there an address for the fund for the victim's replacement vehicle? Any hope of Austin or SA news picking up this at all?

    Love to visit/drive the Bend area. Shocked and sorry to hear such a horrible story from a beautiful place.


    Posted by: Kit | Dec 14, 2009 11:26:23 PM

  3. Here is the info from the organizers of the Dec 14 vigil on the fund started to pay for the young man's car and any extra amount going to therapy:
    Quicksilver Branch of West Texas National Bank
    Attention: Carol Villareal
    P. O. Box 266
    Terlingua, Tx 79852


    Include a note with donation: To be deposited in Victim Fund (12/7/09 attack in Terlingua)

    Posted by: Terlingua native | Dec 17, 2009 3:29:30 PM

  4. To learn about how the Terlingua vigil went, go to:

    and read the first part of Dec 15's post.

    Posted by: Terlingua nativen | Dec 17, 2009 3:35:14 PM

  5. The donations bank account referenced above is in the name of Bonnie Hill. Carol Villareal is the bank officer.

    Posted by: Terlingua nativen | Dec 17, 2009 3:36:25 PM

  6. A quote from the Dec 15 "Terlingua Moon":

    "It seems only fitting that this issue be dedicated to our youth – our next generation’s promise – with all their spirit, strength, curiosity, energy, and hope; with all their confusion, struggles, fears challenges, and uncertainties. We are each morally bound and responsible to do all we can to protect each of them, teach them, love them and guide them so that they may take our place and maybe make things better and safer for us all some day. ~
    Prayers and words for healing and support were shared last night - for a victim and for us, the community family. The candlelight vigil was well attended and one could feel the positive aura radiating from everyone there. Another vigil for the same cause was held in Alpine. Clearly, the collective hearts of Brewster County residents are shattered over this unspeakable incident that damaged one of our own. There is a fund/account set up at WTNB to help the young sufferer of the recent crime against humanity. All personal, material possessions were lost during the crime, as well. The account is in the name of Bonnie Hill. Please donate to help."

    Posted by: Terlingua nativen | Dec 17, 2009 3:37:56 PM

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