Senegal Arrests, Releases 24 Men for ‘Homosexual Activity’

The men have been released but are under investigation:

Senegal "Officers arrested the men on December 24 at a house in the seaside resort of Saly, 80 kilometres (50 miles) south of Dakar, for allegedly engaging in homosexual acts and holding an unauthorised party, the police source said.

They were released the next day but police are continuing their investigations, the source added. 'They can be called in again at any time. The two organisers were questioned today to see if there is anything to follow up with in this case,' the source said.

The source said officers found condoms, lubricants, wigs and makeup when they raided the house in Saly where the party is said to have taken place.

Homosexuality is a crime in largely Muslim Senegal and carries a jail sentence of up to five years."

The AFP reports, however, that "Senegalese Foreign Minister Madicke Niang on December 10 said there is 'no question that homosexuality will be decriminalised in Senegal.'"

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  1. GrabbinNewscum says

    No comments for this post?

    Well, I guess you can’t somehow pin it on Rick Warren or white Western Christian politicians, then you just don’t care about homegrown black African homophobia.

  2. pablo says

    I lived in Senegal for 4 years and found that your average Senegalese had a fairly live and let live attitude towards homosexuality, but I was a foreigner so maybe their attitude was different towards their own gays. My guess is that recent anti-gay sentiment was stirred up in election campaigns. The same thing that happens during elections in the US.

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