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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #578

GILL FOUNDATION: The late activist Rodger Macfarlane talks about the Gill Foundation's strategic planning process.

100 DOLLA BILL: Gays do Monica Rush.

NY GOP SENATOR ALESI: An agonized "no" vote on marriage equality?

NY SENATOR ERIC SCHNEIDERMAN: As an addition to the NY marriage videos from yesterday, here's Schneiderman discussing his "yes" vote.

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  1. Alesi "agonized" over his NO vote on marriage equality?!? The poor thing! Please lets all keep Republican state senator, James Alesi of Rochester in our hearts and minds as he struggles in accepting his ultimate decision of discrimination.


    Posted by: JohnInManhattan | Dec 3, 2009 4:38:20 PM

  2. Fuck Alesi and his agony! Enough with this ish already. Rise up people! Rise up!

    Posted by: giovanni | Dec 3, 2009 4:42:13 PM

  3. FUCK Alesi. FUCK HIM with a chainsaw. His "agonizing" is clearly an act he put on so that he can pretend to whatever gay supporters he might have that he really wrestled with the issue before coming down squarely on the side of bigotry.

    FUCK ALESI and the entire Republican population.

    Posted by: Roscoe | Dec 3, 2009 4:42:59 PM

  4. Alesi: Conscience is a start. And it puts him ahead of many of his Republican colleagues. Don't forget that. The strongest condemnation needs to be reserved people who have no conscience at all. This includes the truly evil Diaz of course.

    Schneiderman: Awesome.

    Posted by: HS | Dec 3, 2009 7:21:58 PM

  5. So can I marry Schneiderman? Oh wait...

    Posted by: David R. | Dec 4, 2009 2:25:18 AM

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