Towleroad Guide to the Tube #582

GAY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY? How ’bout douchebag sweater party?

TEABAGGERS: Get ready to go Christmas caroling.

WENDY WILLIAMS: The New York City Gay Men’s Chorus performs her theme song.

WASHINGTON DC ‘I DOs': OurSceneTV interviews Andrew Hertzberg about his public proposal to Andy Rollman during the D.C. Council marriage equality hearings.

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  1. seeldee says

    Yeah, Txstevo, I see how it might be humorous to some people. The thing is, this clip has been posted for all the world to see. That alone is insensitive. Post content like this for viewing by invitation only (as if that makes any difference on the internet – everything leaks eventually).

    Just imagine if this had been done in blackface, or in a “funny” asian accent, or any other presentation that makes mean fun of another group. With all the shit being thrown at gay people in the US right now, this kind of stuff can’t be allowed to go without comment or uproar. And it’s pretty obvious to me that the humour of this clip is not meant to be inclusive of gay people – we’re the subject of their joke.

  2. Michael W. says

    I think the first video was funny in that the guys thought they were being funny but really they weren’t–so really, I’m laughing at them, not with them. It was a sad funny really. Because they were just untalented dumbasses.

  3. Wes says

    I almost felt confused watching that first video, like I must be missing the something that was supposed to make it funny, even to the most dumbed down of straight males.

  4. patrick nyc says

    Douche Bag Sweater is a much more fitting title. The only thing funny about it is that there are assholes who think it’s funny, and the fact that these two douche bags would put out a clip of such shitty quality.

    The sound, filming and let’s not forget, writing. Did these two schmucks have help putting this on paper? Or perhaps as it looks, they did this by the seats of their untalented butts.

  5. Lamont says

    The award-winning New York City Gay Men’s Chorus warmly invites you to join us for our festive Holiday show, ‘Together at Town Hall.’ This sunday, December 20th @ 3pm and 8pm. Tickets may be purchased online at TICKETMASTER.COM The Town Hall Box Office, located at 123 West 43rd Street (between Broadway & 6th Avenue)

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