1. adwildcat says

    Too bad this was done in LA and all the people are actors…couldn’t they have done it for real?

  2. Dan says

    This is an amazing and hilarious idea — too bad they rounded up the worst, hammiest actors in the city to absolutely shove home the point. If you make fun of your opponents, instead of just letting the concept express itself, their minds will close and you won’t have accomplished anything except making yourself feel better.

  3. TheOtherMark says

    thirding Dan. It was a nice idea but execution was poor by the whole self-righteous tone of it all.
    Did these people move to Hollywood to make it big? There was better acting back in my high school’s drama group. I guess this is why you hear about so many out of work, starving actors! lol

  4. Joey in CT says

    Yes…forth agreed. But good lord…I LOVE the idea! “They’re going to start teaching divorce in schools!” LMAO

  5. sparks says

    I agree with STEPHEN. If parts of this were broken up into 10-15 second shorts they could make for some incredibly effective ads against anti-equality measures.

  6. ChrisM says

    Amazing the comments and attention the bumper sticker on my car gets (One Man, One Woman, One Time – Outlaw Divorce). I had it made to be sarcastic but many people take it seriously and HATE it – they say the government has no business in their marriage. When I ask how they feel about the government denying gays the right to marry the same people try to tell me “that’s different”. My answer, “either the government is or isn’t involved in marriage and personally I’m hoping they get real involved and outlaw divorce”.

  7. Conyers says

    Kudos to all who participated in making this. I think it’s great fun–and effective. Armchair critics, see it for what it is. Broad humor coupled with a message. The acting is cartoonish? The bigots and ignoramuses portrayed are themselves caricatures. Hope this gets traction.

  8. says

    what dan said. this isn’t really funny to me, and doesn’t get to the insane bs people give. its actors in LA talking to a gay crowd. i prefer max blumenthal’s videos.

  9. Theresa Tarantino says

    While it is obviously ridiculous to outlaw divorce, it is VERY, VERY relevant to make divorce harder, and make people face the enormity of the effects of their actions when they decide to destroy a spouse and family. All kidding aside, I think senseless divorce is one of the biggest tragedies of our times!

  10. me says

    hey chick with the sunglasses who’s trying to be “whatever you’re trying to be” valley girl/whatever: you’re painful. stop bad acting forever.

  11. Marc Johnson says

    Wow,what a bunch of cynics and armchair critics. This is hilarious. I liked the PSAs they made, too.

  12. ChrisM says

    ^Lance … find a way to get me your mailing information and I’ll be glad to send a bumper sticker …