Federal Prop 8 Trial Reenactment to Be Posted on YouTube

Although the Supreme Court has blocked broadcast of the federal challenge to Prop 8, and Judge Vaughn Walker has scrapped his pursuit of having the actual trial posted on YouTube, independent filmmaker John Ireland will soon give folks a window into what went on in court. He's producing his own version, a reenactment of the testimony, and the first installment is set to appear on YouTube tomorrow:

Ireland "Ireland said he's basing his storytelling on the accounts of bloggers present at the trial that started last Monday in a San Francisco courtroom. 'I don't think you have to be gay or lesbian to see that there is a tremendous human story being told but so few people are actually hearing it,' Ireland said.

After casting the trial's main characters, filming began over the weekend. Opening day of the trial is 'in the can' and likely to debut on YouTube on Tuesday, with daily updates starting on Wednesday, the Los Angeles-based filmmaker said. 'We've been in a fast and furious process of auditioning yesterday, confirming and booking last night, late into the night, and this morning at 9:30 we were all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and started filming,' he said."

In related news, the American Foundation for Equal Rights has posted a summary of the first week of the trial, which is a great way to catch up.


  1. PM says

    Hmm; a worthy – and requested – project but…
    No transcript = dramatisation, wide open to criticism.
    If there were an actual transcript = long periods of interminable wranglings (mainly the defense cross-examinations).

  2. DifferingView says

    I do not think the average person include gays are that interested in Prop 8 now there is no one to blame such as blacks and the religious right…that is the truth: if you take the blame and circus fun away the interest goes away…gays have too much to distract them and this ruling is not important unless it goes against them

  3. says

    Differingview : Huh? Even if this case is won in our favor, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Prop 8 supporters will file an appeal, keeping this alive and well. They can’t sit back and allow California to win the marriage equality debate. Remember, where Cali goes, so does the rest of the nation and they know that.

    However, I do agree with PM, without the acutal transcript, this project will be wide open to criticism for lack of complete accuracy. Nevertheless, I always enjoy a good courtroom drama.

  4. Gianpiero says

    I think it’s a great idea and I commend Ireland for pursuing it. Yeah, sure, the other side will complain, but if they cared so much about accurate portrayal of what they said, they shouldn’t have appealed Walker’s original ruling and let the taping and broadcasting proceed. What they really want is NO story to be told, to have it seem, when it’s all over, as if this trial never existed (just like they wish we wouldn’t come out, that we wouldn’t talk about ourselves, that we never be mentioned in the history books, in the schools or on TV). Even without a recording or a dramatization to date, it sounds like our opponents are grossly unprepared and ineffective and our side is reasoned, poised and in control. It’s time to make that even more evident.