Gavin Newsom: Obama Position on Same-Sex Marriage is ‘Fundamentally Inexcusable’

In a NYT column, Maureen Dowd talks to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom about his political fortunes and those of President Obama.

Newsom Says Newsom: "I want him to succeed. But I am very upset by what he’s not done in
terms of rights of gays and lesbians. I understand it tactically in a
campaign, but at this point I don’t know. There is some belief that he
actually doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage. But it’s fundamentally
inexcusable for a member of the Democratic Party to stand on the
principle that separate is now equal, but only on the basis of sexual
orientation. We’ve always fought for the rights of minorities and
against the whims of majorities."

The Trials of Gavin Newsom [nyt]