Gay Groups Condemn Grammy Honor for Buju Banton


A coalition of LGBT groups have taken a full-page ad out in Variety today protesting the nomination of 'murder music' singer Buju Banton's album for a Best Reggae Album award.

Bujubanton The controversy surrounding Banton stems primarily from a song called
"Boom Boom Bye" in which he sings about shooting gay men in the head,
pouring acid on them and burning them alive.

Reuters reports: "In an advert in Hollywood show business paper Daily Variety, the Gay and
Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian
Centre urged Grammy organizers to use Sunday's televised ceremony to
denounce music 'that promotes or celebrates violence against any group
of people.' … Friday's advert, in the form of a letter signed by more than 20 gay,
civil rights and anti-violence groups, said that honouring "an artist
such as Buju Banton, honours his extraordinary hateful work."


  1. RJP3 says

    seriouly the casual disregard for sexual freedom by MAJOR Corporations and Organizations is getting to a tipping point.

    Enough is enough.
    The Jews would never allow this shit to happen to them

    And there are far less of them in America.

    If the Grammy’s nominated a Hate Core Neo-Nazi band that screamed “Death To Jews” for an award their RIGHTFULLY would be hell to pay.

  2. stephen says

    I guess they need some press, so they courted a controversy.

    Maybe some attendees/presenters/recipients will be courageous enough to tell the Grammys that they don’t want to be affiliated with a organization promoting such baloney.

    And who creates the nominations? Let’s get to the real impetus behind the action…

  3. George says

    Elton John, Lady Gaga and others should simply withdraw from the Grammys in protest. Also if you are a Nielsen family….DON”T WATCH. Hit CBS in the pocketbook.

  4. Dan Cobbb says

    If this cave man were signing about killing Jews, you can bet he would never have been nominated for an award. How sickening. You can bet that Mr. Portnow is a gay-hater too, otherwise this would never have happened.

  5. walter says

    if performers appear on the show with him we don’t need their music any more refuse to buy or download any songs by people appearing on the grammy’s and don’t watch the telecast. takes care of two problems the lack of sensitivity and cbs who should already be on people’s shit list.

  6. Ryan says

    Well … 180,000 people chimed in at a moments notice to say that they were in favor of having the Prop 8 trial broadcast live and archived on youtube.

    Can’t someone at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and or the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Centre create a petetion that we can sign and send to CBS?

  7. AllTruth1 says


    According to 2008 data from Jamaica:

    32% of men who have sex with other men are HIV positive.

    The largest infection rates are in the Gay Community.

    Gays are pretending they’re not gay so, they marry rapidly and have children rapidly to regularize themselves.

    And, that’s really a ticking bomb because this target group which has high levels of HIV infections are interacting with the general population and in doing so are either unintentionally or intentionally infecting the general population.

    These facts in the form of data provided by officials in Jamaica show the extent to which Gays have affected the lives of the general population in Jamaica.

    So, yes, the Government of Jamaica, health practitioners, educators and anyone in the business of disseminating information should collaboratively institute policy to educate gays in Jamaica about spreading HIV.

    After instituting HIV policy for information to the Jamaican people then the government should institute more austere criminal penalities for Gays who live on the down-low and intentionally infect others with HIV.

    In addition, Jamaicans should continue their opposition towards the practice of homosexuality but pragmatically, they can not stop homosexual thoughts and physical appearances; therefore, counseling should be offered to the Gay Community in Jamaica.

  8. AllTruth1 says


    In reading the letter submitted to the The Recording Academy which awards the Grammy and seeing that GLAAD and all signatories lied about the number of songs with anti-gay content which Buju Banton wrote and performed, it was clear to me that the Gay Community used a mob of liars who used misinformation a.k.a. propaganda, in order to force others to support the Gay Community.

    “BATTY RIDER” IS NOT ABOUT ANYTHING DEALING WITH THE GAY COMMUNITY. The song Batty Rider is about the extremely short and skin-tight shorts that some women wear to the dancehall in Jamaica.

    So, when Buju Banton said in “Batty Rider” that [they must want the DJ to commit murder], it’s just a man saying that he was so sexually aroused by those sexy females wearing the batty rider that they must want him to murder himself because he was so aroused seeing them in their sexy shorts. His lyrical proclamation is equivalent to an American saying, “you’re killing me, baby with your sexy self.”

    Furthermore, to date, in 2010, Buju Banton has written only one song with anti-gay content and that’s “Boom Bye Bye” which he wrote at 15 years old as an emotional reaction to an adult man raping a boy in Jamaica.

    Finally, the actions of GLAAD and all signatories made it clear that America has been a society which has used mobs to harm others, as was done in America during the slavery period and Jim Crow laws period when mobs rallied to lynch blacks and now it was done when the Gay Community mob released its letter to The Recording Academy against Buju Banton.

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