Gay Italian Couple on Hunger Strike for Marriage Equality


Italian couple Francesco Zanardi and Manuel Incorvaia are on a hunger strike for marriage equality and "are webcasting their own campaign, streaming it live, 24-hours a day, on, the Global Post reports. The couple are part of a case involving 23 couples that is making its way through the Italian courts:

"Last November, Zanardi and Incorvaia and 23 other same-sex couples
walked into their local city halls and requested that they be married.
Once mayors denied their request, the couples took their cases to court,
claiming that the Italian constitution doesn’t forbid gay couples from

Four lower courts are now hearing the case which they must reject or send to a higher court:

"Like many others, Mori is betting on Zanardi’s and Incorvaia’s case reaching constitutional courts.' If they don’t respond to the call, they will be remembered as those constitutional judges who didn’t love the people,” said Mori, “who discriminated against people based on their sexual orientation.'

On Wednesday, Zanardi and Incorvaia will appear in court for their first hearing — that is, if they still have enough energy to leave their house. The tall and slender Zanardi has already lost 18 pounds. He has collapsed several times and is now unable to retain any liquids. 'My body is giving up,' he said.

But that doesn’t deter him. 'I am not going to stop striking,' said Zanardi. 'If necessary, I’ll die at home.'"


  1. A says

    I have to agree with The Milkman and Wisebear. It’s kind of an extreme course to take, and, if it ends in Francesco’s death, Manuel would be all alone. That said, there would be a chance to make further points about other inequalities, like inheritance rights, etc., that may exist in Italian society as they do here in the US.

    I wish them both luck. They seem like a couple of sweet guys and they, like all of us, deserve better.

  2. Lis says

    I’ve never understood the grasp of logic for hunger strikes. You die and the other guy no longer has to deal with you.

  3. FizziekruntNT says

    I’m with everyone on this, especially Lis. I just want to smack the living shit out of both of them.

  4. Brian says

    I to agree that hunger strike might be to extreme a method to go about this, on the other hand it worked for Ghandi. Of cause he was loved by the people.
    But it is a way to make publicity, and though all of the current comments are rather negative towards their actions, it is also way to get sympathy.

  5. Carlton Nettleton says

    Sometimes an injustice is so great and felt so personally, some people would give their life to highlight injustice. I can understand why they are going on a hunger strike. It is not a choice I would make, but we should not criticize them for theirs.

  6. stephen says

    Doesn’t the Italian court system move super-slow?

    I’m all for Marriage Equality and fightin’ the fight, but boys…

  7. Rockfall says

    My partner of 21 years is all Italian. If 6 hours goes by without pasta, he considers the day a disaster. So in Italy, giving up food Must be making a serious statement. That being said, don’t kill yourselves guys. There is something really gratifying about outliving your enemies.

  8. DR says

    We’re not criticizing them. We’re recognizing that things like this take time, and the first step, to get the case into court, is soon to happen. And it’s because of them. Killing yourself the day or two before the hearing isn’t something which is going to help their cause.

  9. Sam says

    What these guys are doing is very brave, no doubt about it. But none of us want to see them damage themselves so much. Please try another way!