1. kujhawker says

    He forgot to mention how these awards have caused them to become too tight with the entertainment industry and to become apologists for them like with the ABC and Adam Lambert thing.

    GLAAD should change its name to GLAA the Gay and Lesbian Award Association. Because the definetly have given up on fighting defamation.

  2. Matt says

    They need to stop handing out awards. They should already address the Spike network and the show, Blue Mountain State, that was featured here. I watched 10-15 minutes and every other line seemed to be, “That’s so gay.”

    Networks need to understand that is basically the same as saying, that’s so (black, hispanic, etc). It is unacceptable.

  3. patrick nyc says

    Gay and lesbian advances in the arts has happened despite of GLAAD, not because of them. The are, and will continue to be a joke in the fight for our rights.

  4. BobbyBaby says

    Yes, giving out meaninless awards, self-agrandizing, and scoring Washington cocktail party and Obama *ss-kissing opportunities are pretty much the mission statement for GLAAD these days. I remember that when this worthless, new president was first in office, All he could talk about was his son getting to go to a White House/Obama event. Sorry, Mr. Barrios, but the sole purpose for GLAAD should not be your son’s networking opportunities.

  5. Bill says

    Adam Lambert better win Best Music Artist. He has done more to help gay people by being out and unapologetic from the start than any other musical artist in America ever.

  6. says

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  7. JustMeee says

    You guys have become ridiculous. I’m sorry for every penny I ever gave, and shall certainly never give another. Disband!!!