1. David in Houston says

    I hope every gay person (and every one else that supports LGBT citizens) takes their vacation dollars someplace else. There needs to be a real financial impact on Hawaii to get the message across. States, like Hawaii, that depend on tourism need to be made an example of. Discrimination will no longer acceptable if you want us to spend our money there.

  2. Trasker says

    David, I just canceled our plans for next Christmas in Hawaii and saw your comment. I don’t do it to be a part of a larger boycott (I never think those work too much) but I just don’t feel comfortable anymore spending discretionary dollars in states that don’t recognize my marriage. Perhaps HA could feel an economic impact from such a boycott? Don’t know.

  3. Josh says

    As a Hawaii resident I am absolutely demoralized by the legislatures cowardice. I agree that gay travelers should not visit our beautiful state. But please send an email letter to our newspaper editors at the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star-Bulletin explaining that you are canceling your trip and why. Also stating how much you would have spent in hawaii would be great!

  4. Rob says

    My partner and I wrote a letter to Gov. Lingle to support civil unions/human rights/equality; and now that the House has done this, we won’t be vacationing in HI. I will urge all my friends; str8 or gay; to vacation elsewhere.

  5. TANK says

    Cowards is the wrong word here. It trades on the unfounded belief that these people are secretly for civil unions. You see, that doesn’t matter. All that matters is how they vote, and how they’ve voted indicates that they’re bigots, not cowards. Who cares if secretly a politician is for marriage equality, civil unions, domestic partnerships, etc? They don’t vote that way, and it doesn’t matter one way or the other. The only relevant metric to assess action is in its consequences.

  6. Jubal H says


    I say yes but make it a world wide one not just local or national. LGBT people in other nations should be notified and requested to stand up on behalf of the LGBT people of Hawaii. For this to work, it must severely impact the state. Consequently as Dems are tyhe majority in the state, this has the potential to send a message on the national level that we won’t be pandered to for their seat.

  7. says

    The Mormons strike again… in case you didn’t know it, the LDS church holds huge interests in HI — they even own the Polynesian Cultural Center, huge swaths of land, and, don’t kid yourself, the State House as well.

  8. Luke says

    I know it would be great if we lived in a fictional world wherein politicians voted based on principle, but we don’t. Therefore, it is logical that politicians don’t vote for things that they think will jeopardize their political career. Like any employee, politicians seek to keep their jobs by pleasing their boss, the voters. Thus, until we prove that convince the majority of voters to passionately support our causes, politicians are not gonna stick their necks out for us. Politicians watch voter initiative votes, and the fact that only one state’s voters have ever voted in favor of recognition of same-sex relationships is a major impediment to our legislative and judicial progress. Until we can convince politicians that our causes are popular with voters, we will continue to lose.

  9. Drew says

    I’ll sum this up: fuck them.

    Not very intellectual or eloquent, but it’s how I feel when I hear even Hawaii can’t pass this shit for the welfare of its very own citizens.

  10. HawaiiBill says

    I live in Honolulu and was very involved in the effort. The simple explanation is the Catholic Church and the Mormons very effectively organized the “faith” community to bombard the legislators with calls, emails, letters and rallies and scared the crap out of our “allies” in the Legislature. The bigots’ numbers overwhelmed the numbers from the Civil Unions proponents. Until we can bring the same level of pressure on them as the intolerant “Christians” do, this will be the outcome. Don’t kid yourselves. I’m disgusted with our legislature…completely. But we as constituents have to do the work because that is what virtually ALL politicians do. Look at our National leaders.

  11. lucas says

    Even if the legislature passed the bill and overrode a veto, it would have certainly been placed on the ballot for the voters to decide. Hawaii opponents to gay equality are too vast, too organized, and too zealous to have let this remain law without a voter initiative. They did it before, and our side has a bad record of winning these votes in Hawaii (and nationwide). It would have been overturned anyway by the voters.

  12. says

    Ugh, another travesty. If Hawaii doesn’t think gays are full people, then no one should ever go there! This is so ignorant and hurts their own citizens! Gay Hawaiians should get out of there — Massachusetts wants you even if Hawaii does not.

  13. Admiral Ackbar says

    More reasons to cut off gay money from Democrats this election cycle. Just send a personal letter responding to every letter asking for donations with a notice that you aren’t giving this year because they did nothing for you.

  14. Sami in Vancouver says

    GLBT Americans have never, ever had it so good!

    Why upset the silent majority by pressing for what they refuse to give, such as the bogus issue of same sex marriage.

    Give it up, as it is only a very divisive issue.

    Why not push for great GLBT rights in Iran and throughout Africa?

    Why not back the ultra-progressive Obama administration, and support it in its quest to change America?

    The Democrats need the GLBT support now more than ever. We have a duty, as GLBT Americans, to support Obama regardless of any costs!

    So, give up the struggle for same-sex marriage; press on for more important issues, such as getting the economy back on its feet and helping the Democrats get bigger wins in Congress!

  15. jason says

    I blame the Democrats for this. Just as in Democrat-controlled New York and New Jersey, Democrat-controlled Hawaii has stabbed us in the back. Rather than cancel my trip to Hawaii, I’ll be breaking off my relationship to the Democratic Party.

  16. TANK says

    “So, give up the struggle for same-sex marriage; press on for more important issues, such as getting the economy back on its feet and helping the Democrats get bigger wins in Congress!”

    Go away, you stupid person. You’re a gutter troll.

  17. CKNJ says

    is there any place to confirm the extent of the input by Catholics and Mormons to this defeat? I want to publicize that as much as possible so people can see that the bigots in the Mormon church have not backed off at all, like they seem to want people to believe… I read that they are trying to be semi-concilliatory in Utah, but I say FUCK THE ASSHOLES! They are not our friends, never were and probably NEVER will be!

    SUNDANCE really should give up on Park City and all people with a conscience that still support going to Utah should wake up… I know this happened in HI but all shit travels downhill in mormon-land and it comes from the top of that dungheap in Utah!

    And as for HI, fuck them too, no $$$ of mine will ever be spent on that place! Those spineless Democrats in their congress are pathetic, just like here in Jersey when they caved on the marriage issue. You know, I would have thought that Dems would jump at the chance to force health reform through, instead of giving in to the GOP at every turn, cos then their spine transplants would be covered by their HMO!