1. greg says

    I went to ND, and homophobia was prevalent and the norm in the mid-90s. This would have never happened when I was there. The VP of student affairs kicked the only “gay” club off of meeting on campus and would not do anything for a student known to have HIV but to ask them to leave. I could not come out of the closet safely when I was there for fear of getting my butt kicked. YET, the strange thing, I do cherish my times at that school and value the fine education I got there, lol! G

  2. Nate says

    I applaud the brave students and faculty who participated in this event.

    It took courage and conviction in such a homophobic place where they will no doubt be on the receiving end of subtle, plausibly deniable payback from bigoted fellow students, and worse, a bigoted faculty and administration who have power over their futures.

    WSBT referred to this as a “huge demonstration.”

    Perhaps by Notre-Dame standards.

    Recent official enrollment figures state the total student enrollment at 11,731 (8,363 undergrad and 3,368 grad and professional)

    These 11,731 students are supposed to be the best and the brightest, the leaders and scholars of tomorrow…the elite…the most intelligent, caring, and sophisticated.

    How sad that out of 11,731 only a few hundred chose to make a visible statement.

  3. jamal49 says

    Well, it IS a Catholic university. So, what could anyone expect? Um, the picture looks more like “dozens of protesters” not “hundreds of protesters”. I guess plurality is in the eye of the beholder. Nice try, though.

  4. Argo says

    I was schooled in Church schools so know exactly the kind of response students at ND would be receiving on campus.

    I recall one meeting with my school Principal when I was being considered for Head Prefect (in Australia this was :D) and was told it would be mine but that it was evident to everyone I was a homosexual.

    I’ve not been back to mass since.

  5. Mickey says

    It’s interesting. The University’s home page refers to “The Observer” as an award-winning publication, and it offers a link to the Observer’s website.

    When the homophobic cartoon appeared, the University referred to The Observer as an independent, student-run newspaper.

    Of course, both statements are true. Hypocritical spin, though.

    Perhaps, one of the graduate degrees offered at Notre-Dame is for a M.H. — Master of Hypocrisy degree.

  6. Anthony says

    Shame on Notre-Dame.

    I just watched the WSBT report. This was a very orderly, respectful demonstration.

    The University literally shut its doors in its own students’ faces.

    A faculty member who taught in the building pleaded with a security guard.

    The demonstrators stood peacefully and stoically in the cold waiting.

    Finally, the administration sent a lacky out to accept the letter – a lame attempt at image control.

    What has happened to honest discourse in academia?

    I used to have a high opinion of Notre-“Dame, but no longer.

  7. Bobby says

    It is so funny how Catholic Universities handle this stuff differently. At Xavier University in Cincinnati the administration is much more receptive to the gay students on its campus. While it still has a long way to go they at least acknowledge the group, let them meet, and do programing. Strange how each Catholic University reacts differently.

  8. says

    I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the news report.

    Not surprised, but disheartened at the university’s response. Pathetic and unacademic.

    At the same time, I don’t understand why people of good conscience even go to this school. At least the Catholic schools and Universities around here actually have non-discrimination clauses and put them into practice. (Nevertheless, we would never send our son to a Catholic school.)

  9. Stan says

    “It’s time to bring equality to gay, lesbian and bisexual students”

    But not transsexuals because they’re freaks and they’re icky and who cares about them anyway, right?

  10. flucht17 says

    being gay, lesbian, or bisexual and being transsexual are completely different. as a gay man, i have no identification whatsoever with transsexuals, and i don’t believe it’s productive to lump that tiny, tiny segment of the population in with homosexuality just because they are both ‘sexual minorities’.

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