1. Wayne says

    The American Psychological Association is slated for the same place this Spring. The APA said it was going to be purely a “financial decision” — as the cancellation fee was going to seriously impact the APA’s ability to hold their conference.

  2. Qjersey says

    Yes the APA is going ahead for “financial” reasons. Money ahead of people.

    I refused to renew my membership (as did many of my friends in APA) for this year and stated this is exactly the reason.

  3. John says


    Believe me, if I were offered a choice between San Diego and Las Vegas, I would go to Vegas in a second. While Vegas has its fair share of evangelicals, corrupt politicians, and racists – it is a paradise compared to Southern California beyond Long Beach.

    Situated deep behind the Orange Curtain, San Diego is basically an overgrown military base of faux patriotism and nauseating conformity. Despite being a border town, it is anything but wild. The place is stubbornly homogenous. To say nothing of the fact that it is ruled by a cabal of Republicans that have actually floated around the idea of recruiting Carrie Prejean for political office. A venerable “Kansas by the Pacific” of conservative hypocrisy.

    No thank you.

    Sometimes a pretty beach just isn’t enough.

  4. ALSNYC says

    Here’s proof that this kind of action works:

    I work for a large pharmaceutical company that is hosting an event for doctors at this hotel. One of the company’s key speakers called to complain about the hotel and ask for a change of venue.

    Unfortunately, the company could not accommodate the request because a contract had been signed, but think about the victories: a straight doctor from California stood up for us; a NJ-based pharma company is more aware of the harm that comes from Prop 8; and that company will think twice before doing business at that hotel again.

    Keep up the fight!!

  5. Christian DeLuca says

    i remember hearing or reading about manchester apologizing for his donation, found it here – i certainly have no problems with shining a light on our opponents, but arent there more important things we should be spending time and money on? like efforts that will actually bring about equality instead of continuing to have gatherings at a hotel that a once-foe now-ally doesnt even manage or profit from?

  6. Mitch says

    It’s really sad how the gays are being played here. This is entirely a union affair (who also sponsored the anti-hyatt float in the pride parade) and they are using this opportunity to get into this hotel! They don’t really care about the issue. Doug Manchester is a bigot and a hypocrite (currently in divorce proceedings for cheating on his wife) & deserves all the attention being brought to him, but he just owns the building, while Hyatt manages it and they are widely known for being an extremely pro-gay hotel chain. Sadly, no one is targeting A-1 Self Storage who also donated vast amounts of money to the Prop 8 campaign and this is only because the union has no use for them.

  7. dolby g says

    The union “conspiracy theory” is right out of the pages of the Manchester hyatt PR team. If you attended this rally, Cleve Jones, long time lgbt activist spoke very clearly on the unions supporting role in this boycott. No one is being played. Look at the Coors beer boycott. the two communities (unions and lgbt) have a lot in common and will win equality by standing together.

    And Hyatt is not a pro gay company, they just want lgbt money in their hotels!

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