John McCain Unswayed by Family Participation in NoH8 Campaign, Says Palin Will Stump for Him in Senate Race

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Yesterday I posted the photos of Cindy and Meghan McCain showing support for marriage equality by posing in the NoH8 Campaign. Their participation has not swayed John McCain from his position, the Washington Post reports:

"John McCain's office said in a statement that the Arizona senator respects the views of members of his family but remains opposed to gay marriage. 'Sen. McCain believes the sanctity of marriage is only defined as between one man and one woman,' the statement said."

And then there's this tidbit of information:

"McCain's Senate re-election campaign said Wednesday that his presidential running mate, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, will come to Arizona to campaign for him in March. Palin has been a vocal opponent of gay marriage."


  1. Baby Jane says

    How very “family values” of him: he disregards, or essentially “no comment” on the values of his own family, yet he wants to place his personal family values onto countless families throughout the country.

  2. Texas Aggie says

    Remember that this is the same guy who had a hissy fit when someone DARED to correct him when he was “misrepresenting the facts” during a hearing on the Christmas bombing attempt. If he has no idea about what went on with that, does anyone think he has any idea about anything?

  3. Robert says

    I love that Cindy and Meghan McCain did this. I really can’t believe that John hasn’t changed his mind yet… you’d think this would be influential. He used to seem like a rational, independent thinker before he ran for president.

  4. Kristin says

    Disgusting and rude comments, fags. Mind if I call you fags? You seem to be pretty good at nasty name-calling yourselves. Why in the HELL would you think you should be exempt from verbal attacks? Creepy little hypocrites.

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