Madonna’s Brother Makes Bid for Simon Cowell’s American Idol Job


Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone has launched a Facebook campaign to replace Simon Cowell as judge on American Idol.

Writes Ciccone in a newly-created Facebook group: "Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol, and who better to replace him
than Christopher Ciccone? With 25 years in the music business,
Christopher knows all too well what it takes to be a Pop Star, and with
his infamous 'Ciccone Tongue' he won't be afraid to speak his mind!"


  1. The Silencer says

    This guy has music industry experience from doing what? Hasn’t he been an interior designer/set designer? Is this the beginning of American Idol becoming a joke because anyone who thinks they can be snarky as a judge will want to be considered to replace Simon?

  2. says

    American Idol has been a joke from day one, IMO.

    I think a lot of people I consider great vocalists past and present would never make it on that show–Dusty Springfield, Feist, Billie Holiday, Neko Case, Dionne Warwick, Tracey Thorn (to name a few.

    As for the Ciccone tongue . . . eewwww . . .

  3. brian says

    Love idol (and X-factor even more) but if he seriously thinks he has a chance in hell of even getting a close-up in the audience during a live show–let alone a hosting job–he may be the most delusional man in America.

  4. cb says

    This is a joke,right. That bitter,old nasty,blotted,drug-addicted queen actually thinks he has a shot. Dick Cheney would be a better fit. A better fit would be Celebrity Rehab.

  5. Steven Danly says

    christopher is the only real choice.
    he has been in the music buisness for over twenty five years, and he knows what good is. He is Madonnas brother for God sake. He has directed several music videos including most recently Dolly Partons Peace Train, Ari Gold and Tony Bennet. Howard Stern has only been a nasty and slimy radio host. No musical experience.

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