1. peterparker says

    I’m confused. Didn’t the boat carrying the camera crew have a spare bottle of water?

  2. crispy says

    “Lie back… and think of England!” LOL

    I watched an episode where half-way up a waterfall he pulled down his britches and had diarrhea.

    Yet, I still find him attractive. Odd.

  3. michael says

    An enema filled with bird droppings-flavored H2O. Amazing what people will do for ratings these days.

    “Think of England!” I’m taking it that England is the first name of Bear’s boyfriend back home in Merry Ol’…?

  4. Scott E. says

    Eww that’s gross. I’d never put anything like that up there. I’ll keep it limited to toys or guys thank you very much. That must hurt… I can’t imagine he’s used to having things up his rear. =P

  5. says

    I swear – I missed my calling. I should have been a cameraman by trade. This would have been a trip to watch and film! LOL!

  6. coolbearinmd says

    He drinks piss, he gives himself an enema on camera — when does he officially get to be gay?

  7. Kitty Boots says

    That’s my new pick-up line for the video booths – “It’s 3am, I’m dying of dehydration and you’re my last resort!”

  8. Sargon Bighorn says

    Oh CHRIST this is so silly. Bamboo raft, Pacific Ocean, Camera crew, expensive North Face shirt, Enema equipment????? Yeah I carry that with me EVERYWHERE I go.

    Total crap and this is what people pour into their minds? It’s better poured into their, what did he call it C-O-L-O-N?

  9. bradley says

    What a revealing (psychologically speaking) thing to do on television. He needs a team from Vienna. (You need therapy, dear. Lots and lots of therapy.)

  10. TANK says

    “I watched an episode where half-way up a waterfall he pulled down his britches and had diarrhea.

    Yet, I still find him attractive. Odd.”

    Odd for some people, like me. You? Is it odd for you? Huh? Let’s hope so–sick of mopping up baby jesus’ tears.

    Yeah, just what a gay blog needs…scheisse porn.

  11. Beef and Fur says

    Well, at least he wasn’t hosting New Years Eve with AC. And, IMO, he had way to much trouble getting that tiny little tube in his, ahh, colon. Please, the drama.

  12. MICKjr says

    Now if he had a little wine to mix in with it, he could have gotten a nice buzz without a hangover the next day.

  13. Lexxvs says

    This guy is nuts. Telling it is one thing. Doing it -well, apparently- is another.
    By the way, how come you couldn’t catch a serious disease by doing it with such filthy and salty water?

  14. Jason says

    so funny.
    I agree with people who say it’s as if he’s screaming to get out of the closet. But hell, when he does I hope he’s touring my neck of the backwoods! I’ll show him some survival skills. 😉

  15. charlie says

    jeez…all that complaining and yelping..its a tiny little tube…so much for tough..but i still do love him.

  16. Jack M says

    This show is so funny. He acts like he’s a big wilderness man, but he has a camera crew and probably an MD following him around. What’s so daring about that? He’s cute, but….

  17. crispy says

    Tank, I had to google “scheisse porn.” Ewwww.

    I’m more of an emetophilia man myself.

  18. says

    Thanks to Tank and Crispy I now have two new words to spew at my next cocktail party. And some people think this wasn’t a Towleroad-worthy story, sheesh.

  19. Andalusian Dog says

    Yeah, he’s doing this only as a last, life-saving resort. Except that he has a film crew with him, taking beautiful high-definition images of this process. So something tells me that if he needed clean water he could find it. My guess is that he didn’t really stick a tube up his butt; rather, it was just bad acting.

    It would have been sorta hot (sorta…) if he had really done this out of necessity. What makes this stupid and gross is that he apparently needs ratings and approval so badly that he’s willing to fake it. Shame.

  20. Frozen North says

    You laugh now. But you’ll remember this. And it may save your life when your RSVP cruise hits an iceburg and you’re stuck 1000 miles from anyone.

  21. says

    Honey the kids on the RSVP cruise can go ahead and hit that iceberg. I’m sure everyone on board has already “rinsed out”.

    In this instance, Edna Mode was right. Luck does indeed favor the prepared.

  22. josepe says

    wait, my parents thought it was real but i made them think of the camera man and how he was not by himself, then they got mad with me, lol
    this shit is funny

  23. anon says

    Not only does he have two camera crews with him, but there is also rescue equipment and he got a lot of bad PR when people found out he would often go stay at hotels and motels at night — luxury ones at that!

  24. Eric says

    Stupid straight guy – it never occured to him to spit on the tube, and rub some on his butthole – and of course, the theatrical cry of AHHHHHGH! like something as small as that tube is going to violate his virgin hole – gimme a break…

  25. Smart says

    I know there’s pictures of his uncut penis out there! I hope this site finds them so we can all see him!

  26. jayboy says

    Dear Towleroad pals…

    i do not know Bear’s sexual orientation. but his exclamation during the enema – “Just lie back and think of England” betrays a very campy sensibility.
    You see, that is the same quote that Peter Finch used when reporters asked him how he was able to deep-kiss Murray Head in the acclaimed film “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

    For what it’s worth.