Manchester Grand Hyatt Releases Statement on Planned Gay Protest

This morning I reported that LGBT groups were planning a protest this Saturday at Prop 8 supporter Doug Manchester's Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego because the American Historical Association is holding its annual convention at the hotel and plans to include forums on same-sex marriage as part of its agenda.

Manchester The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego released a statement to Towleroad regarding the planned demonstrations:

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego would like to acknowledge the activities taking place this weekend both inside and outside our hotel property.

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego welcomes the American Historical Association (AHA) to our hotel. The AHA has confirmed a block of more than 4,000 room nights. The AHA Executive Committee honored their contract with Hyatt and they decided not to bow to the pressure of outside groups to cancel their convention. The AHA is including numerous sessions on their schedule regarding same-sex marriage issues in a variety of contexts. These sessions have also been made available to the public.

There are a number of outside organizations that are intentionally targeting Manchester Grand Hyatt under the guise of the equality movement with a hidden Union agenda. This is both misleading to the public and to the activists that respect and follow the organizations and their leadership. Hyatt has a significant history of support for the LGBT community, spanning several years with multiple awards and recognitions, which is unparalleled in the hospitality business.

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego will continue to welcome and celebrate guests and patrons of all backgrounds, faiths and orientations – as we also respect and support constructive exhibitions of free speech. Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego looks forward to welcoming our guests from the American Historical Association and appreciates their loyalty.

In related news, Towleroad has obtained a November memo (via Rex Wockner) from The Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History, an affiliate society of the American Historical Association, telling its members that it "stands in full solidarity with the local community in San Diego and with the goals of the boycott organizers" and urging them to "act up":

"We ask
that conference participants take all opportunities possible to clearly
and visibly express their opposition to Manchester's actions, and that
those participating in and attending the mini-conference on historical
perspectives on same-sex marriage take the opportunity to act up inside
the hotel in solidarity with those organizing and observing the boycott."

Read the full memo HERE (PDF).

Major Protest Planned at San Diego Anti-Gay Hotel Manchester Hyatt [tr]


  1. Brett says

    “Act up inside the hotel”???

    Right, because acting like petulant anarchists is the best way to gain respect.

    I went to a bashback event in Chicago that was so repugnant I walked out. They ridiculed my partner and I for our “heteronormativity”.
    Apparently monogamy is not sufficiently radical.

  2. Rowan says

    @ Brett

    Get a grip. You gave a brain, not every group is the same but when was this? The 70’s?

    Furthermore, tell us your incredible ideas and I’m sure they will listen to you.

    Come on.

    This hypocrite needs to feel your wrath…how will you do it? And will he even care?

    With big establishments, damn, the only is protest. Hit them were it hurts.

  3. stephen says

    Looks to me like the statement is from Hyatt Corp and the Mgmt of that hotel… if I’m not mistaken, the money was donated by the owner of the building and although I can understand Hyatt wanting to distance themselves from Manchester, no one believes, and it is disingenuous to suggest, that it is in any way about Unions.

    They’re admittedly bwtwn a rock and a hard place, and will likely pacify the conscience of some, but sadly it falls flat.

  4. Don says

    Yes, the Hilton company has given to glbt causes. But Doug Manchester has given to prop8. This sounds like a Company comment. Until Doug does something besides demonize glbt with the stance of preserving traditional marriages then getting a divorce, I saw boycott the hell out of this place. I’ll be there.

  5. Chitown Kev says


    Not so.

    I seem to remember that there was a LGBT-union coalition protest (lead by Rick Jacobs) when Bill Clinton gave a speech in this very hotel earlier this year. Union leadership has been some of our strongest allies in the marriage equality fight in California

  6. bored lawyer says

    did a little digging and it looks like the owner of the building is Manchester Resorts, Inc. and it is operated by Hyatt Corp.

    most hotels are run as a franchise, and often the operator is different from the owner. here, it looks like Hyatt Corp. actually runs this one.

    pretty dirty of Hyatt to try to drag unions into it. i assume there’s no basis to that claim–but does anyone know differently?

  7. John Normile says

    Is there some kind of LGBT Union? How can I join?. i guess they can rent to whomever they choose but the fanatics only come around for conventions ….LGBT people would generate business year round…

  8. walter says

    Isn’t this the same guy who has such respect for marriage who just divorced his wife and hid money so his wife couldn’t get
    alimony. what sack of shit

  9. Hubbardtt says

    The problem is not with Hyatt, but the idoit who owns this hotel. When is Hyatt Corp going to go after him to reverse his stand. And I am not talking the smoke and mirrors money he tried to throw out to certain causes.

    Let the unions participate. This is America. If Hyatt doesn’t want the unions, Hyatt needs to stand up to Doug Manchester

  10. says

    Brett maybe if we acted like “petulant anarchists” again we’d start getting somewhere instead of sitting back and being walked upon like doormats.

    You “hearts and minds’ homo’s slay me. When will you learn that the “nice” strategy just doesn’t work.

    Grow some balls.

  11. Duncan says

    @HUBBARDTT it appears mr manchester has already reversed his opinion on gay marriage but the organziers of the boycotts chose to ignore it in the face of their union relationships – the union wants to unionize the hotel against the wishes of the hotel staff – and cleve jones is a paid union employee

  12. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    So the man gave some of his personal money to a cause that you oppose…that’s sufficinet reason to behave like petulant children in public? And who gets hurt? Third-parties that have no stake in the fight and just get pissed-off at you; hotel guests inconvenienced, hotel employees who’ll get less tips, and the hotel operator (Hyatt) who’s a known gay-friendly.

    If you don’t like how the man spends his personal money, pry open your own wallets and outspend him and his cause. Too many who complain-loudly about things can’t be bothered to give…but they feel they have some right to complaion afterwards if they don’t like the outcome.

    From the numbers I read, the G/L community did a terrible job raising funds, yet they’ll spend like water at the gay bars and clubs. Twenty-dollar tips to that cute barback, but did they even give $20 to the Prop-8 campaign? Five-dollars?….

    Once again the G/L community is being used as a pawn in someone else’s fight….

  13. Justin says

    @Ted B.
    I don’t get you. You misrepresent the opinions of others when expressing your own. No one asked anyone to “behave like petulent children”. The unified front between labor and the GLBT community is a very good development in that: 1. there is strength in numbers (there just IS), and 2. it can be nothing but good for the GLBT community to forge new partnerships in its quest to stand up to bigotry.

    And, so maybe SOME gay people don’t give money to causes such as this. Fair enough. But many of us DO. Many of us don’t fit your stereotype of the boozemongering, barback-lusting gay man. I personally haven’t been in a bar in years, never drink alcohol, am in a 19-year commited relationship (not married yet – THANKS Doug Manchester!), and actually DID give money to the NO on 8 campaign.

    Enough apologetics about us, though. The fallacy of your position is basically that:
    A. Doug Manchester gave lots of money to the Yes on 8 Campaign, and so it logically follows that…
    B. It’s OUR fault. No matter what we did then. No matter what we do now.

    Thanks, TED. You’re a real ray of sunshine, with your SOLUTIONS and all…