1. GIO says

    I can’t believe that Spike would think that we are so shallow that we would watch a show with this kind of content. I am soooooooooooooooooooooo taping this tonight……

  2. James says

    I can’t believe there was an ass shaving scene. They are so trying to hit every horny demographic possible. It must be okay to cater to gay men as long as there are plenty of girls in bras and panties. I guess I’m okay with that.

  3. tcw says

    i get a little embarrassed when straight people (like the marketers of this show) discover our collective fetish for straight guys…

  4. James says

    Lordy, Alan has gotten gigantic. Is there a new Hulk remake planned because his body looks a bit too freaky now (at least where he’s flexing in the first pic).

  5. Jane Roe says

    “…discover our collective fetish for straight guys…”

    You mean str8 guys? Or that’s what they call themselves when they are cruising for cock on CL, a4a, manuhunt, etc.

  6. FrostPhoenix says

    So end of the season Alan’s character will come out as gay. They are telegraphing it from more than a mile away in that preview.

    The show look lame, somewhat funny, and yup wank material for us gays I guess lol.

  7. Sargon Bighorn says

    Now I know why “No child left behind” is a failure. Teachers build during the day, TV destroys during the night.

  8. ehhh says

    “i get a little embarrassed when straight people (like the marketers of this show) discover our collective fetish for straight guys…”

    straight guys aren’t embarrassed about their fetish for lesbians; get over it

  9. says

    Some hilarious quotes in this movie: “Get this man a jockstrap & a cookie.” “Is that a pocket pussy behind your back? A what? POCKET PUSSY!” Hilarious!

  10. Walter says

    “It’s not gay – stop saying that” … HILARIOUS !!!

    You know the new jock generation realizes that they a VERY BI !

    Folks you need to hang out with more 20something STR8 guys.

  11. Walter says

    The black dude from Smallville was recently arrested for being a real life meth dealer. Sad. Wonder if he keeps he job here.

  12. tonyc says

    ME fetish for straight guys at all!!..don’t GET it at all!!..I thought it was only ME?? I want a guy to know what he needs to do in bed..I am NOT the teacher…why is that???..I want to RESEARCH THIS TOPIC!! HA HA!!…..NOPE!

    BUTT…JOCK ASS on TV was worth IT baby!


  13. slippy says

    BMS debut on SPIKE TV was SOOOO offensive -I almost fell off the sofa laughing. It’s lewd crude -totally without ANY redeeming social and or political value and is funny as hell. CHILL peeps -give it all a rest and just laugh ….a deep ole belly laugh at some totally crude juvenile humor ….

    O and get this man a jockstrap and a cookie ….. and a pocket pussy….

  14. BobC562 says

    I liked it. A lot. Thad Castle… what a great name. He’s so going to be outed, just like the former mascot.

  15. says

    I haven’t watched Spike TV since it used to be called TNN: The Nashville Network. I’d rather watch Crook & Chase than this straight-guys-for-gay-eyes shit.

    I remember Alan Ritchson from his stint on American Idol 2004 (the season that gave us Fantasia Barrino and Jennifer Hudson). He made Paula Abdul wet and yet he managed to make it out of the Atlanta regionals and into the national callbacks in Los Angeles. There, the camera showed him putting the moves on every woman in the building and trying to rearrange the Idol logo into ALAN IDOL. Needless to say, the future Aquaman did not make the semifinals.

  16. Drummer says

    I agree with Alex. Straight guys have no idea how to hose out the guest room. And I DON’T wear a brown hankie!

  17. JJ says

    honestly, i don’t have a thing for straight guys. if i am at a party and i say, “hey, that guy is hot.” and my friend says, “oh, he’s straight.” i immediately lose my erection. heterosexuality is a major turn off.

  18. TANK says

    Did anyone enjoy this? I couldn’t sit through five seconds of it…caught it flipping. I thought my brain was going to melt.

  19. Pekemo says

    I have to admit, the first episode was a bit hard to sit through. I saw the intro and had to resist changing the channel.

    But once you get past that asshole/macho douchebag faceade (which will be a little tough) it’s really funny.

    The first episode almost made my head explode but the other ones toned down the douchieness enough for me to watch.