1. Dback says

    I voted on AfterElton for NPH. For the sheer breadth and diversity of his career (screen, stage, recordings, TV, award-show host, writer, magazine cover boy, publicly “out” face), I think he’s the man. David is lucky to have him, and vice-versa! :)

  2. AG says

    Sir Ian took a distant 4th behind, most dreadfully, “Other” (Paging Georg Hegel! Come to the pink courtesy phone, Mr. Hegel!). George Takei was behind them both.

    McKellan’s shadow spans more than a mere decade, though, so perhaps some other far-seeing recognition might be in order.

  3. says

    I think it is about time NPH won something. It is time for Golden Globes and Emmy’s to take some notice!!!

    I like Barrowman, but think that NPH is equivalent or higher. NPH is extremely versatile (OK I don’t know about his personal life, we’d have to ask David), but he is well deserving of any award he is nominated for.

    Now, just to get him and Broadway’s Nick Adams together for a stint on Bway, WHOAA!!!

  4. says

    Um, CB, NPH *has* won an Emmy, for his work on How I Met Your Mother. He just didn’t win the previous one, when he hosted the show (he won the one before it). But, I agree: He should win more of them in the future.

    As for “Gay Man of the Decade,” I have to say, I very much agree with him winning (though I didn’t know about the actual contest). While he’s not the only one who’s done amazing work, I think he’s done by far the most to push the envelope in proving that a gay man can be very successful whilst being open in Hollywood, especially while playing straight parts (piggishly so, even).

  5. says

    @Ryan…unfortunately, you are incorrect (I wish you weren’t), but NPH has never won an Emmy (he has been nominated the last three years, but never won), nor has he ever won a Golden Globe, but has numerous nominations. He won a People’s Choice back in 1990, but of the ‘biggies’, he has never won an award.

  6. Dback says

    Ben, of course I’m familiar with Ian McKellen. He’s a brilliant actor, and the linchpin of two of the most profitable and widely-seen film series of all time. He’s also staggeringly eloquent. However, I voted for NPH based on the diversity of his talents–though McKellen is an acclaimed stage actor, most people haven’t had the privilege of seeing him there, and he’s done little TV work in America. He also doesn’t have a strong internet presence. Is he a more talented dramatic actor than NPH? Quite possibly. But the question was regarding overall gay impact–implying across a variety of fields–and thus I went with Neil.

  7. kybarsfang says

    Maybe it’s just me, but NPH didn’t seem all that excited to win. Plus he left out that he fired the first shot of the battle by joking that he’d like to be on top of Barroman. Again, maybe it’s just me, but something seemed a bit…off.

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