Nepal Constitution will Guarantee Equal Rights to LGBTs

Equal rights for all, right? Like what the U.S. Constitution should provide, but doesn't:

Nepal "In less than five months Nepal will have a new constitution that will be the first in Asia to guarantee equal rights to sexual minorities. And once that happens, Tripti and Darshana, a lesbian couple, can formally wed.

The couple in their 20s was thrown out of Nepal Army nearly three years ago due to their sexual orientation—albeit ‘disciplinary ground’ was cited as the reason for their removal.

It is such kind of discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered and inter-sexed (LGBTI) that the Himalayan nation’s new constitution seeks to prevent."

Said MP Sunil Pant: “Rights for LGBTIs have been well drafted in the new constitution. They
will ensure non-discrimination and separate citizenship IDs for
third-gendered people."

Nepal will stage gay weddings on the slopes of Mt. Everest: "The company will offer elephant-back bridal processions, Everest base
camp ceremonies and weddings in remote Tibetan enclaves in the
Himalayan republic."


  1. TheSeer says

    I want to get married on the slopes of Himalayas. There is a tourist agancy in Nepal that is to offer gay weddings for people all around the world.

  2. thomas says

    we should know that in nepal these developments are the product of a real, live communist revolution. it’s not a new constitution cause they’re updating; it’s a new constitution cause they overthrew the monarchy, and are seeking to build a new world for themselves–all of themselves, including lgbtq comrades and nepalese people.

    as they would say, lal salaam. long live the nepalese revolution.

  3. TheSeer says

    Another great thing about these news is that they will have big impact on India. Nepal and India are the same civilization circle.

  4. allnighter says

    “The company will offer elephant-back bridal processions, Everest base camp ceremonies and weddings in remote Tibetan enclaves in the Himalayan republic.”

    They know where the money is! That’s why this is happening.

  5. clint says

    I’m fascinated by the fact that the basis of this is a recognition of gay people as a third gender, which was much the case in Hindu/Buddhist countries before Western colonial rule. Combine this ancient point of view with the modern insistence on rights, and there you have it. I saw a couple of snippets from the Prop 8 case that were along the same lines, without using the actual phrase “3rd Gender”.

  6. John says

    This is a new constitution.

    Most constitutions written from the mid-1990s onward – the European Union, Ecuador, Bolivia, South Africa – mention “sexual orientation” in one form or another. The Portuguese constitution was amended in 2005 to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Before it was suspended by the military junta, the constitution of Fiji (1997) also had such protections.

    Of course, there are exceptions.

    The new Iraqi constitution – which enshrines Islam as the supreme source of law – is actually much worse for gays and lesbians, not to mention women in general, than the old one. Thank you so much for that America. The great defender of liberty and freedom strikes again.

    I, for one, am relieved we had nothing to do with Nepal’s revolution. If we were the ones who “liberated” them, they’d probably have a debate about executing gays instead of whether to allow them to marry.

  7. John says

    And Nepal is also traditionally thought to be the birthplace of the Buddha. Which means the Dalai Lama’s head will explode when this same-sex marriage business happens. His most uptight holiness has made his disdain for “inappropriate sexual conduct” clear on several occasions. Although the vitriol isn’t quite up to the level of hysteria we usually see from the Vatican or the ayatollahs, it is just another example of why people who have never had sex need to stop lecturing the rest of us about it.

    Thank you very much for your divine advice, gurus and assorted members of the funny hat brigade.

    But why don’t you go back to your huge palace, say a few prayers for the folks in Haiti, and let us mere mortals manage the sex part of sexuality.

  8. says

    Thanks John for pointing out what a shit the Dalai Lama is. We had some Buddhists scheduled on my show when we did a segment on Gays and faith. As soon as they realized we were openly Gay they took off. Even the fundies stuck it out as they ran off saying some crap about the Dalia Lama not approving.


  9. thomas says

    john, your comments reflect a really deep ignorance about the revolution in nepal, where no one liberated them but themselves from the oppressive heels of a king that our country proudly supported, and who himself was spectacularly repressive of all sexual communities there.

    this isn’t some lip service to sexual orientation, but real transformation in their society. same-sex weddings have already happened between communist party members, members of the revolutionary army, and among civilians involved in mass movements–including a major lgbtq movement that’s allied with the communists.

    those who have done no investigation make fools of themselves when they speak.