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Photo: Lance Bass Goes Glam Rock


Photographer Mike Ruiz posted some new shots of Lance Bass to his Facebook fan page today.

Check a second one out, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via world of wonder)

The First Rule of Fight Club is Don't Mess with Lance Bass [tr]


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  1. There goes his theory to PEOPLE:

    "I've met so many people like me that it's really encouraged me. I kind of call them the SAGs—the straight-acting gays. We're just normal, typical guys. I love to watch football and drink beer."

    Posted by: Matthew Rettenmund | Jan 26, 2010 6:52:24 PM

  2. Wow that does not even look like Lance!

    Posted by: Luis | Jan 26, 2010 6:54:55 PM

  3. he made out with my roommate at mandalay bay back when they were relevant.

    Posted by: Trip | Jan 26, 2010 6:58:29 PM

  4. He used to have a baby face, now its very lean, did he loose a ton of weight or something?

    Posted by: rich | Jan 26, 2010 6:59:02 PM

  5. Really? "Straight Acting Gay?"

    Self loathing is soooo millennial and what with 2010, I hope he's had a change of heart.

    And I also hope that this means he's not gonna try to launch a solo album. Or a group album, really.

    Posted by: Das Nic | Jan 26, 2010 7:06:36 PM

  6. interesting phots-although not what i'd consider "glam."

    Posted by: alguien | Jan 26, 2010 7:10:52 PM

  7. What exactly has he done since n'Sync disbanded? Aside from being gay, I don't know why he's relevant.

    Posted by: David in Houston | Jan 26, 2010 7:11:21 PM

  8. Who gives a flying crap what he's doing? He likes to play dress-up and date hot models. Wow.

    He does nothing else.

    And no, that's not glam. It's Clockwork Orange in the first shot and a weak amalgamation of various influences in the second (mainly Kurt Cobain),

    Posted by: Paul R | Jan 26, 2010 7:18:09 PM

  9. I'm gay and I watch football and play golf and shoot pool and - insert masculine stereotype here- but I can't stand to hear the phrase "straight acting." I'm not interesting in anyone who is "acting" - unless they are actors, and then only when they are working.

    The only remarkable thing about Bass is that he has been able to extend his fame on the basis of his status as a professional queer.

    Posted by: jimmy | Jan 26, 2010 7:32:29 PM

  10. The first pic is the only hot pic of Lance Bass that I have ever seen.

    Posted by: peterparker | Jan 26, 2010 7:42:36 PM

  11. Lance Bass does a Jered Leto Impersonation! Beah!

    Posted by: Allen | Jan 26, 2010 7:45:47 PM

  12. I'm a straight acting Gay man. I'm also a femme acting Butch man. A cat acting dog man. and Vegan acting carnivore and a Dem acting Repub. At this point in my life I'm so confused I don't know if I should stand or sit when I pee! Help me Lance! Will football help? I'm a baseball loving football man!

    Posted by: Sargon Bighorn | Jan 26, 2010 7:46:11 PM

  13. Ironic, that it takes huge amounts of makeup to make him look the most straight acting he's ever looked. The self loathing really needs to stop.

    Posted by: sugarrhill | Jan 26, 2010 7:51:17 PM

  14. Well, now that the queens have descended and inputted their vitriol, I can come in and say I think he's relevant, positive force in the GLTBQ community. As a 23 year old, yeah, I've made some mistakes and yeah, he's made some too, but why lambast people within our own community? I think the pictures are awesome and props to Lance for staying afloat in such a difficult industry.

    Posted by: Nicholas | Jan 26, 2010 7:58:40 PM

  15. Nice nosejob, fembot

    Posted by: Grimmlok | Jan 26, 2010 8:00:32 PM

  16. Who? Sorry, not familiar. By the way, I'm a gay-acting guy who is straight (GAS).

    Posted by: Dave | Jan 26, 2010 8:04:30 PM

  17. I think what Lance is saying is that gayness is influential to metro sexuality, and sporty gays are legitimately interested in sports. I don't equate straight acting with self loathing. Being queeny is funny, but not so sexy...

    Posted by: ty | Jan 26, 2010 8:17:28 PM

  18. Dave, Lance that's who LANCE! And you can't act any more gayer than a straight acting Gay man. Try I DARE YA with a dress on!

    Statement: "Come Back stranger!"

    Response: "I can't come back any stranger than I already am."

    Now THAT'S Gay.

    Posted by: Sargon Bighorn | Jan 26, 2010 8:32:14 PM

  19. What's a vegetarian bird dog?

    A veagle.

    Posted by: Br!on | Jan 26, 2010 8:50:16 PM

  20. I always like it when Lance shows up out of nowhere with a new generically hot hanger on BF, but, I never expected this. Look, we have so few out gays celebs that I'll give him a pass. I do have to thank you Matthew because I remember how much that little quote pissed me off at the time, but, so what now?

    Does he have a new BF or maybe he's got Glamberts old one? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Btw, Mike Ruiz,yo've really come a long way, I remember when you first learned how to cross process! Hi!

    Posted by: DEREK WASHINGTON | Jan 26, 2010 9:17:34 PM

  21. I agree with peterparker, these are the first pics I've seen of Lance where I actually thought he looked hot!

    Posted by: Dickie | Jan 26, 2010 9:21:13 PM

  22. WoW so bitchy

    Posted by: John Normile | Jan 26, 2010 9:30:59 PM

  23. why are sissies so bitchy?

    Posted by: nic | Jan 26, 2010 9:32:48 PM

  24. He's never looked better

    Posted by: Brian | Jan 26, 2010 9:36:25 PM

  25. Wow! Let's retract the claws ladies. I find it funny that people are complaining about pictures Mike Ruiz put up on his FACEBOOK page. Stop Facebook creeping!

    Also, you only wish you looked as good as he does. He's looking quite sexy with the 5 o'clock shadow-heroin chic look. The first sign of being insecure is putting someone down to make yourself feel better. I'd take a look in mirror.

    I'd also agree that this is probably the 'butchest' Lance has ever looked. I saw a billboard in NYC and he looked so effeminate I knew he was the gay one years before he even came. Granted I thought he looked hot in that one too.

    Posted by: Jay M | Jan 26, 2010 9:58:38 PM

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