Prop 8 Supporters Request Trial Recordings Be Destroyed as Judge Abandons Efforts to Post Them on YouTube

When news emerged that the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled against televising the federal Prop 8 trial, it was also reported that YouTube broadcast was still pending:

Walker "The Supreme Court earlier issued a stay against the closed-circuit
broadcasts as well as an order by Judge Walker for the proceedings to
be shown on the Internet site YouTube. Wednesday's high-court ruling
didn't touch on the Internet posting, saying it was premature. A
federal appeals court hasn't yet ruled on the Internet aspect."

Now it appears that Walker has scrapped efforts to have it posted on the internet:

"Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker said Thursday he's
withdrawing his application to have the landmark case video-recorded
under a pilot program approved last month by the governing body for
federal courts in the West. Walker says he doesn't want the issue to distract from the trial itself. He
made the announcement a day after the U.S. Supreme Court indefinitely
blocked his plan to record the trial so it could be transmitted to
other federal courthouses."

And of course Prop 8 supporters want all the videotapes that have been recorded thus far in the trial to be destroyed!

"Walker rejected a defense lawyer's request to destroy any videotapes
produced during the first days of the trials He says he wants the
option to review them first."


  1. MT says

    The roaches got caught in the light and now they are trying to destroy all the evidence of what they really are.

    The people are really just cowards in the end. It’s okay to discriminate as long as you can do it from behind a screen, but when it comes time to own up to the hate they hide their faces.

  2. me says

    Boo. It’s like everyone in government/judicial system is stuck in the 1800s. Someone please tell them this is the information age; there’s no reason to censor. This reminds me of the other story running today about the policy in communist China shutting down the gay event. Only in this case, the communist police are the Supreme Court … and Judge Walker.

  3. Steve says

    So Prop 8 supporters are ashamed of what they’ve done? Why is that?

    Could it be that they’re embarrassed by their xenophobic, narrow-minded view of the world – and they don’t want to exposed as such?

  4. says

    Funny how the gays are the ones being open and the homophobes want the safety of the closet.

    Seems to me their religious convictions and moral stance is on very shaky ground if they don’t have the collective BALLS to publicly admit to them. What a bunch of cowards.

  5. G McGinnis says

    These tapes are historically significant and destroying them would be a travesty. At the very least the court should donate them to the GLBT Historical Museum ( This is part of our history and should not be extinguished as they are trying to do with our rights. I hope everyone reading this contacts the court and the museum regarding this matter.

  6. says

    Read about Tiwonge Chimbalanga, one half of that Malawi couple standing trial right now. That is real courage. These babies don’t even have the guts to be on the record with their intolerance and bigotry.

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