1. says

    in all seriousness, this woman just seems to be filled with hate and rage at gay people. it’s worse than even ‘typical’ dislike for our lives, it seems much more personal. i really wonder what the fuck happened in her life to despise us with the zeal she does.

  2. says

    Says Maggie: “Politicians are not elected to advance the views and values of their families.”

    Isn’t that the whole point of NOM and their political endorsements? To further their own family values? It’s amazing how her opinion changes when his family values are gay-inclusive.

  3. Sargon Bighorn says

    Politicians make all sorts of promises they don’t keep. Discrimination should NEVER be a promise kept. Bravo for Sanders.

  4. Adrian says

    Maggie takes issue with Sanders because he’s too focused on his family.

    Apparently Maggie’s idea of “traditional marriage” (you know, the sacred institution where a mother and a father can raise their biological children in an ideal dual-gender situation) also has the hidden stipulation that you be loyal to your NOM overlords before looking out for the well-being of your own kids. Way to protect the definition.

  5. Thomas Nicolai-Vargas says

    A man has a gut wrentching change of heart and Maggie Gallagher thinks everyone should stay loyal to the Roman Catholic “church”.
    And is snarky engough to take the credit for the very narrow Prop 8 “victory” that was only acheived with the lies about what might be taught in school. We all know that NOM alone did not raise the money for all of those lying adds.

    I really hope this trial undoes all the work of this witch.

    I wonder what Miss “Christian Virture” Gallagher would do if one of her kids turns out to be gay ? Stone them at the city gate while reading Leviticus ???

    Tom in Long Beach

  6. William says

    But isn;t maggie’s tale that she had a gut-wrentching change of heart re: her beliefs after having one child out of wedlock? Smite her! Smite her!

  7. says

    Maggie Gallagher would never lie!!! Of course, she was a whore who gave birth to a bastard brat. And she’s married to a Hindu and is too ashamed to take his last name. So much for traditional family values. Whore.

  8. Denis says

    Does anyone know who the father of her “illegitimate” daughter actually is? Does anyone else picture a, “She’s my sister AND my daughter!!!” type scenario..

  9. Rafael says

    “Politicians are not elected to advance the views and values of their families.”

    I have to admit, I have given up on reasoning with NOM. But if I am to believe the above statement. I have to ask, where do all of our societal values and laws come from? Here I thought the family was the most important entity in our society. I thought family values were worthy of their significance, and here I thought they had a place among us, in our laws and in the greater realm of our respect for each other. What is that saying? everyone is somebody’s mother, father, brother, sister…

  10. says

    Maggie Gallagher pushes her theocratic views on all, however, she appears to be dense enough not to know that in a theocracy, she would HAVE to shut up. Women have no voice. She would be a second-class citizen….hmmmmmmm

  11. tc in nyc says

    I hate to use this term about any woman, and I do only when it is greatly warranted.

    What a CUNT.

  12. DN says

    Maggie says, “[p]oliticians are not elected to advance the views and values of their families.”

    You’re right, Maggie – politicians are elected to represent *everyone,* even gay people. And that means they have the obligation to live up to the promises of the US Constitution, including the 14th amendment.

  13. DR says

    I remember reading about Mayor Sanders back when he had his change of heart. This is why it’s so important to remember that people can change their views when educated or when they know someone who can be negatively impacted by their uninformed views.

  14. Mike says

    Oh, I wish that somehow Gallagher could be compelled to testify in the trial. David Boies would make mincemeat of her – and her vitriol would be an expert example of the hate and bigotry directed toward gays.

  15. BDevilMan08 says

    “Politicians are not elected to advance the views and values of their families.”

    HAHAHAHA seriously? I’ve heard “family values” being spewed from her mouth all the time, but now it’s not about families. HYPOCRISY.

  16. says

    I’m so glad I am not as angry bout anything as this woman. I am actually close to feeling pity for her. No one should have to live with such anger so deep in their entire being.

    God help her.

  17. says

    Argh, the cross-ex is so frustrating to listen to. Just because there may not be “animus” or pure hate behind every vote to ban gays from something does not mean that the bans are justified. First, it’s because for many, many voters, it *was* hate — case in point: NOM and witness Mr. Tam. Second, animus is one thing, and ignorance (whether intentional or not) is still a huge problem. We don’t let our dogs get married, vote, or serve in the military — even though we love our dogs — because they’re freaking dogs. But gays are not dogs!!! Gays are people and your fellow tax-paying citizens!!! You can say you “love” gays all you want, but you’re still treating us like dogs in too many respects.

  18. Rowan says

    Oh please, you all bitch and whine but what are you strategically doing to undo her? The fact that you all let this woman and her flock get away with saying shi*t about you says more the American gay community than it does about her.

    At least she is out there fighting her cause and getting quotes in the press.

  19. TC says

    let her talk! Heck, give her a few drinks and let her talk more! I hope she tesitfies and the let her talk and talk and talk. The mor she says, the more the plaintiff’s case is made.

  20. jamal49 says

    Touche, Norman. God, what a spiteful, hateful, miserable woman! But, she and her group of psychopathic sycophants succeeded in CA as they did in ME. What’s it going to take to get rid of such bilious bovines such as she and shut them up and shut them down for good?

  21. Casey says

    I was just about to log on here to express my reservations about calling her a cunt, only to find several others had beaten me to the punch.

    I’d encourage people to throw pies in her face, but I get the feeling that would only make her stronger.