1. jakeinlove says

    MMMMM. Pastrami, Sellek, and a waterfall. I don’t know which one to hit first…
    Yes I do. Mama wants that sandwhich!

  2. says

    Someone took Niche Marketing 101.

    I’m going to revisit that site with my friend Mary Jane. Maybe she’ll see the humour in it.

  3. Nick says

    Selleck is a very staunch right wing
    Republican. He fought “gay” rumors all
    of his career and has made some very negative comments regarding gay issues. Why his pic is even posten on this site baffles me.

  4. El Brucio says

    I’ve heard that Selleck was conservative, but I didn’t know he was anti-gay. He even played a gay character in a movie.

    I’ve done a search online, and the worst I can find is a confusing statement he made about why he sued a tabloid that claimed he was gay.

    Anyone have any links?

  5. john says

    I don’t care what Sellecks personal views were, it’s funny because it’s SO damn stupid. It makes no sense and I love it. and now I’m going to go get a sandwich…

  6. JT says

    Mr. Selleck’s debut as the model in a Salem cigarette ad in the early 70s helped me confirm that I was gay. I’ve never looked back. I wish that picture was in the series!