1. lucifer says

    You’ll never hear him express his true feelings about anyother minority group because they would have the balls to do something about removing him from office.

  2. Barry Farrington says

    It’s very clear where this man is coming from. I’m shocked at the level of animosity in his voice. The man is just unprofessional and does not belong in politics in any way, shape or form. I’m also having a little difficulty believing that no one in his community knew about the passage of the marriage equality. Londonderry is a small community, but it’s just outside of the largest city in NH and the majority of townsfolk work either in Manchester, Concord or Boston. Clearly, his attempt to blow smoke up everyone’s ass isn’t gaining him any sympathy to his cause!

  3. Gianpiero says

    Wait a minute. How is a bill passed by the legislature and signed by the governor tantamount to having something “pushed down my throat”? Someone send this elected official back to high school civics class…

  4. Grego says

    wow, i can feel the hate. His committment to the citizenry sounds more like “i’ll uphold the laws i believe in, and protect people like me, so help me god”

    I’d like to meet HIM face to face.

  5. Clarin says

    I’m from Londonderry, and I am ashamed. People in Londonderry are educated in general though, and I don’t see them reelecting a man who embarrasses them with his ignorance, even if they do oppose gay marriage. I’ll make sure to campaign against him in the next election.

  6. DN says

    “No disrespect,” and “no offense,” to some people, means, “I’ve just said some really offensive stuff, but you’re now forbidden from holding it against me because I tossed in these meaningless two words.”

    I’ve got two words in respons, Mr. Baldasero…

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