1. xman says

    its about time; I have to admit that this may very well be the turning point for the GLBT, EQ CALI and all the rest of them have been acting like real pansies just moving slower than two guys making out with out any lube. Rob Reiner is really making the case that the leaders of the HRC/ EQ CALI all have moved far to slow while our rights are being striped from us I say so be it; they took this away from EQ CALI and all the other groups. Good… Its shows them that there moving far to slow. Bold action now!!!

  2. says

    I had the pleasure of working for him at his Southern California office. He worked hard with writers to figure out how to tell the best story possible and improve a particular script. These days, most people don’t even care about stories… just getting a bunch of models into a hot tub.

  3. stephen says

    I love Rob R; he is consistently in support of progressive ideas in CA and raises his voice… something that people w/ position seldom do.

    PS: Hank’s a good guy too- just in case you visit TRd, Hank! :)

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