Woman Charged in Anti-Gay Eye-Slashing Attack in Buffalo

A woman has been charged in the anti-gay New Year's Day attack in Buffalo, New York that left lesbian Angie Harmon blind in one eye. 21-year-old Suzanne-Deanna Grover confessed to the attack but claimed she acted in self-defense:

Harmon "Buffalo police have charged Grover, who gave a City of Tonawanda
address, with second-
degree assault and a bias-motivated crime, according to police reports. In her detailed statement, Grover claimed that Harmon's group had
attacked her verbally and
physically, sources said."

Conflicting versions of the attack led to a three-week delay in the arrest:

"The arrest papers filed against Grover say that 'the defendant
intentionally selected
Lindsay Harmon because of a belief or perception regarding Lindsay
Harmon's sexual
orientation.' [Attorney Frank A.] Sedita wouldn't comment on any statement given by
Grover, although he did take issue with
an earlier broadcast report that she had "confessed" to the crime. The district attorney promised an in-depth grand jury investigation.


  1. TANK says

    And that unladylike behavior means that she deserves to be blind in one eye. Doug, you’re such a creep that I can’t help but laugh.

  2. Jake says

    I think there’s a typo. In paragraph one, it says “Angie Harmon,” you know, like the actress. And then in the quoted paragraph, it says “Lindsay Harmon.”

    For a second I thought, “Someone slashed actress Angie Harmon?!”

  3. dizzy spins says

    there’s a serious lack of information in the article. Was this a bar fight? Was this something that happpened randomly on the street? It just seems odd that a single person would attack a group like that for no reason.

  4. Teletha J says

    The alleged victim’s expression in the photo is disconcerting. I doubt I’d look that smug if someone randomly jumped and blinded me. And, as the article linked in that post says, just using an epithet does not a hate crime make. Even Perez Hilton did it.

  5. Anon says

    To Teletha J,
    while you are right, your example was a poor one. Just using an epithet does not make a hate crime, but using the epithet while stabbing someone in the face or just generally being mutilated like many gay people have been…. makes it a hate crime.

  6. GoneFromBLo says

    Two things here folks:
    1) Stabbing
    2)Hate crime claim that “bumps up” the possible sentence.

    Just because I think Harmon is a racist who enabled the fight doesn’t mean she wasn’t stabbed and the woman who did it shouldn’t be punished. All it means is that Harmon shouldn’t be one-eyed crying that it is a hate crime or raising money based on that.

    I think you’ll see the hate crime dropped by the Grand jury because the police/prosecutor didn’t want to be the ones who denied it.