1. says

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that we were the “right” team, but it was definitely our turn. Combine that win with our new, kickass mayor, and there’s a lot to celebrate in New Orleans over the coming Carnival week (and beyond).

  2. johnny says

    So, if the Colts had won, they’d have been the “wrong” team? Based on…?

    I don’t get this comment, Andy. You got some ‘splainin’ to do.

    Some fairly specious ref calls last night as well… but in the end, it’s just a game, congrats to the Saints.

  3. Chris says

    It doesn’t matter who won but all this feel good will do WHAT for those displaced by Katrina still and the areas in the city that still looks like a disaster zone?????


    But congrats to The Saints nevertheless!

  4. Sean says

    The Saints are the right team because the former coach of the Colts, Tony Dungheap, is an on the record homophobe not even vaguely interested in equal rights.

  5. Zlick says

    Maybe, from this site’s perspective, the Saints are the “right” team because of the recent gay-supportive statements made by Scott Fujita of that team in connection with the anti-abortion ad controversy.

    That’s my guess anyway. Plus, ya know, who in America could not feel good about New Orleans having something to celebrate? Katrina’s still a raw wound.

  6. Billy says

    Wait so the Saints winning is some gay victory because the FORMER head coach of the Colts was a homophobe? And the saints have ONE player who has made some statements in support of the gay community?

    Give me a break.