Cover: Robert Pattinson on Details



So did the "remasculation" work? "I really hate vaginas. I'm allergic to vagina. But I can't say I had no idea, because it was a 12-hour shoot, so you kind of get the picture that these women are going to stay naked after, like, five or six hours. But I wasn't exactly prepared. I had no idea what to say to these girls. Thank God I was hungover."


  1. Marco Channing says

    I don’t understand the 10th anniversary line at the top of the cover. Details started publishing in the late ’80s and launched David LaChapelle’s career in the early ’90s. This should be their 22nd or 23rd anniversary issue.

  2. galore says

    He is one of those dudes that always have the “I am just so gorgeous” look in his eyes. He never looks like he is into his company – be it the twilight girl or the anonymous vamp in this picture.

  3. unruly says

    I love the “…The American Man” header right against a very British Pattinson — the editors at Details are bright enough to know he’s British, right?

  4. woodroad34 says

    A supposedly straight man saying he hates vaginas and is allergic to them? What an ignorant thing to say. He comes off more and more like a lazy and spoiled “artiste”. What a vapid individual.

  5. says

    Details 10th anni is only if you can forget the “Out” years of the late 80’s. It’s funny, but, Details is now the epitome of “that’s so Gay!” and they are constantly trying to prove they aren’t total fags.

    Check out the insipid guy talk fashion videos online where they spend the entire time trying to sound straight while they swoon over hand tooled patent leather Prada boots. They sip whiskey and smoke cigars and blab on about how to pack your really “sick” Louis Vuitton travel all. GAY!

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  6. PistolPetey says

    Ditto Unruly. The “American Man” here is a Brit. Ridiculous.

    And isn’t this the same guy who decidedly did *not* like kissing a guy for a movie role? Why is he on a “gay” magazine again?

  7. Christopher says

    @ DEREK

    You’re so right—guess the demo they’re going for now wasn’t born in the eighties so they’re counting on no one noticing!

  8. chris says

    I think this interview is why girls love RPattz. He’s intelligent and witty. They get him. The dumb won’t. Like most guys feel the need to puff themselves up like a peacock and cheat on you with 10 women just to prove they are a man, someone like RPattz can joke about hating vaginas and sound more secure in his masculinity than a guy that needs to fvck every girl he sees to prove it. I wish God made more guys like you RPattz but I guess we should be greatful for the one.

  9. says

    I hope women are offended by that quote. I hope men — of any sexual orientation — are offended by that quote as well. Indifference is ok, hate is not.

  10. TANK says

    “I wish God made more guys like you RPattz but I guess we should be greatful for the one.”

    LOL@fatal attraction. Loves it.

  11. says

    chris, really? joking about hating vagina? why even go there as a joke? what kind of woman would dig that type of thing? what kind of man would encourage it, even as a ‘joke’?

    what’s wrong with you? what’s wrong with him?

  12. sammie says

    So if he hates vaginas and he says he didn’t enjoy that gay kiss in one of his movies, maybe he is asexual. It would explain never confirming any real relationship, with a women or a man.

    Asexual man, interesting.

  13. jesse james says

    “I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vagina.”

    I think he just means he doesn’t want to eat one.

    You know like, “I really hate bananas. I’m allergic to bananas.”

    It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them some other way.

  14. nic says

    andy towle,

    your teasers should relate to something (anything). why should your readers have to dig through insignigant shit to get the ‘story’? if that is not sloppy reportage, i don’t know what is. you might have said, rpatz says he is allergic to vaginas (which may be true or untrue)and leave it at that. but no, you try to seduce your audience by subterfuge: did he say that or not? should we follow a link? we are not stupid. please, state the purpose of the link.

    why should we do your job for you?

  15. Brian in Texas says

    The magazine was relaunched in 2000 with a different format. Thus 10 years… I remember my straight roommate in college getting the new issue and being “confused” by the new design and direction.

  16. GraphicJack says

    It’s funny, but I’ve always thought that with his over-the-top hair and such that he’s more of a poster boy for metrosexual or Tiger-Beat-teen idol, not so-called “masculine” men. And I agree that the vagina bashing is bizarre. Why would any “straight” man say that? Would a gay man ever say he was allergic to peen?

  17. Ken says

    Why do you lay the Details cover before us every month like the proud goose who shit the golden egg? I don’t care about this magazine.

  18. SmartVac says

    >>joking about hating vagina? why even go there as a joke? what kind of woman would dig that type of thing?

    Zeta, I think the same women who are obsessed with Twilight and are making it a billion dollar franchise. I saw it on ShowTime (not the newest one, Eclipse, though), and it’s in character. You only have to read the many, many articles about how misogynistic and chauvinistic these books and movies are to be convinced. Pattinson is not my type, but is ADORED by women ages 5 to 80, no matter what he does.

  19. says

    Dear DETAILS- Some, “Details” you overlooked-

    a] men are still men even if not “masculine”
    b] Robert Pattinson is British.

  20. lgwolf says

    Maybe the model behind his head had a funky cooch.
    Anyway, I’m sick of Brit actors getting deified in the U.S.

  21. johnny says

    Attn Robert Pattinson: When you’re only in love with yourself, who do you dump when the relationship gets old?

  22. Jim says

    I adore Robert Pattinson. To be honest, I think he is one of the few interesting actors around today. I think, truth be told, that Mr. RPatz in, indeed, gay. He said the whole “not like kissing guys” right after he made “Little Ashes” so that he would not be labeled “gay” too early in his career. He is like the Hollywood version of Stewie on “Family Guy”: sexual ambiguity is intriguing; he keeps us guessing and, in the meantime, keeps both sides hopeful. I love you RPatz… you stay JUST the way you are. Any guy who says otherwise is just a loser, and sorry that he is not YOU!

  23. exo says

    The cover is not saying that Pattinson is American man. There’s a plus sign above that phrase. The cover reads: 10th anniversary issue starring Robert Pattinson PLUS the remasculation of the American man. I feel kind of dumb taking the time to post about this, but for some reason it bugged me that people weren’t getting it.