Fresno College Professor Relies on Bible to Teach Biology, Says That Homosexuality is a Disease


The ACLU has sent a letter to Fresno City College following complaints about a professor who relies on the Bible to teach biology, "demanding that the school ensure that all its health science classes teach unbiased and medically accurate information" and urging the school to mandate unbiased health information.

One student told Fresno station KSFN: "He started out asking was Jesus haploid or diploid, a biological term and he directed us to go to the bible for proof and write a paper on it." Another said, "I was very upset about the homosexuality part to think that this man would be telling me that my gay and lesbian friends which I have quite a few of are ruining the world, are degrading society."

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According to the ACLU, in recent lectures, Professor Lopez:

  • Presented a slide listing “homosexual facts,” including that homosexuality is a “biological misapplication of human sexuality” and said that the “recommended treatment” is “psychological counseling” or “hormone supplements.”
  • Presented LGBT people as a burden on and/or threat to society, claiming, for example, that anything but a heterosexual union provides a “one-sided foundation for raising children.”
  • Presented bible passages as “empirical” evidence that life begins at conception in support of his assertion that abortion is murder and “the leading cause of death in this country” (because there are over a million abortions a year).
  • Followed a slide on climate change in a presentation on “environmental health” with a slide containing a Biblical quote about the world ending in fire, and said “that is the real global warming we should be worried about.”
  • Repeatedly referenced the Bible and used it as a teaching tool, for example assigning as homework a question as to Jesus’ genetic makeup.

Watch KSFN's report, AFTER THE JUMP...

Posted February 10, 2010 at 8:56am ETC by Andy Towle
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