1. Roy says

    I love Cyndi… but then, she’s always had the talent to back up her sometimes outrageous looks. It may have been a gimmick, but it wasn’t necessary.

    As for Gaga… time will tell. So far, I’m not impressed. Why does it seem every homo is crazy about her? Why is every gay blog cluttered with ‘news’ every time she burps? The music I’ve heard isn’t any different from anything else out there, and her looks are typical drag queen with a good budget.

  2. Ben says

    Does Cyndi age? EVER? I don’t know or care if she’s had work. The lady looks amazing. No surprise that she’s out there with the HIV message, of course, but I’m impressed that Lady Gaga is speaking about it with as much passion.

  3. MackMichael says

    O’kay, alright, finally something I can speak to with some authority! ;o) When I was a kid, Cyndi and Madonna released their debut works at the same time, and the comparisons were inevitable. Critics, hands down, handed the mantel to Cyndi for being a song writer and superior performer. With the world open to her, Cyndi decided to follow her artistic inclinations, while Madonna turned out terrific pop that appealed to the masses. I was a Cyndi (and Annie Lennox) fan. I find Gaga to be a terrific representation of her forebearers. Like Madonna, she churns out danceable pop hits; like Cyndi she turns out hits with some substance and artistic merits; and like Annie (who also composed all her hits) she is unafraid to visually challenge the establishment. Pop needed someone like Gaga just now. Is she Cyndi or Annie? No, she is her own persona, but I am happy that some kid out there will look at her 25 years hence and smile as he talks about her, as I do her predecessors today.

  4. Bryan says

    Oh look, it’s GLAMFAR.

    I remember being covered with lesions and watching Elizabeth Taylor give a lovely while outweighing me by a factor of three. I felt sure that if she would only say “What a dump!,” I’d be healed. Instead I threw up, couldn’t get a cab home because I had puke on my tux, and was picked up by the police when I collapsed while trying to walk home. They accused me of being drunk. I accused them of being HIV negative.

    Those were the days.

  5. FunMe says

    I love these two strong women. One from the 1980s who has consistently been out there helping those with AIDS. And a new young artist from today who is passionate about helping the cause, too.

    They are a fierce pair that moves forward with talent, creativity and love.

    You go gurls!

  6. jason says

    Oh, put some clothes on, Lady Ga Ga. You look like a hooker. Your silly stunts are attention-seeking ploys, as was your declared “bisexuality”. It’s amazing that any gay men would support someone like you.

  7. spider monkey says

    Have always loved Cyndi, saw her open for Cher singing “True Colors” wrapped in a rainbow flag. I’m just starting to get GaGa….but alot of her “get up” looks like she was at home locked in her bedroom all night with a glue gun and craft box.

  8. pParkerT says

    @MackMicheal: Listening to their respective debut albums, who would have guessed that Madonna would surpass Cyndi? I wouldn’t have.

    I love Love LOVE Cyndi, but she looks like she’d rather be at home cleaning her oven than be standing next to someone with simulated cottage cheese on her face.

  9. tonyc says

    love GAGA & Cyndi…I want stares like that guy behind them….I am about 10 levels BELOW Gaga when I go out cause I just think fashion should do that, drop your jaw or PANTS!:-)

    VERY happy that the two of them are teamed for this cause


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