News: Albania, Orthodox Jews, Kansas, Betty White, Airships

 roadMiami Beach police officers assigned to desk duty following allegations of abuse of gay man.

Airships  road Ready to fly from New York to London on a luxury airship?

 roadVideo: Brazilian sportscaster faints on camera.

 roadKansas anti-discrimination bill advances in Senate.

 roadAlbania passes LGBT anti-discrimination law.

 roadMichelangelo Signorile interviewed HRC's Joe Solmonese yesterday on his show: here's the audio. And…Barney Frank.

 roadKe$ha takes her message to the Hollywood sign.

 roadPolice investigate gay bashing on Capitol Hill in Seattle: "As they walked by the skateboarders, one of the men said "hey cutie" because, the report says, "they thought the two suspects were attractive."

The skateboarders—described in the report as white males in their late 20s to early 30s—began screaming "Fuck you! Fuckin' faggot. Fuck you in the asshole!" and "you don't fuckin' talk to us like that."

 roadDiscord and conflicting signals in DADT repeal.

Ical  roadTransgender Houstonian Myra Ical's brutal murder still unsolved.

 roadGay Indian Prince puts off trip to Nepal: "The heir apparent of Gujarat’s former Rajpipla kingdom was scheduled to arrive in Kathmandu Friday to attend the First Asian Symposium on Gay and Lesbian Tourism
to be hosted by Nepal’s first gay rights organisation, Blue Diamond Society. However, the meet, to have been held at the five-star Everest Hotel on Saturday, has been postponed indefinitely due to the general strike threat issued by the Maoists."

 roadLesbian character arrives on Desperate Housewives with a sloppy kiss.

 roadWhite House preps for two Supreme Court vacancies.

 roadThe Carly
Fiorina campaign ad
is so much better off to
a Pink Floyd remix

Eyeswideopen  roadEyes Wide Open: Film about "two ultra Orthodox men who chance to fall in love and 'dive into a
romance whereas they know there is no real chance to live it' opens in NY.

 roadOscar, cat of death profiled.

 roadNew Yorkers line
up for NoH8 shoot

 roadFacebook group lobbies
for Betty White to host SNL

 roadJake Gyllenhaal pumps.

 roadPat Robertson said to have taken gold mining concession from Liberia in exchange for lobbying the Bush administration: "The revelations came in the midst of [former Liberian President Charles]Taylor's U.N.-backed trial on 11
counts of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity during
Sierra Leone's 1990s civil war. Taylor is accused of directing a Sierra
Leonean rebel group, the United Revolutionary Front, in a campaign aimed
at securing access to the country's diamond mines.


  1. Rodney says

    I completely agree with Melissa McEwan. The SCOTUS is the #1 place in this country where party identification matters. It’s just too bad that the pair that are considering retiring are guys from our side. Maybe one of the conservative nuts will die unexpectedly?

    We can only hope.

  2. walter says

    wtf is pat robertson doing lobbing for a foreign government this is clearly violations of separation of church and state. also why would any government this piece of shit anything unless they
    expected something in return. the government should start investigating this so religious man and put his ass in jail where could minister to the troubled and maybe get a fuck

  3. Rodney says

    Sassifras: Hoping one of the conservatives will retire is fruitless (the oldest is only 73). Unless you are okay with the way they are running the court, I see no other alternative. And, in the meantime, many “Citizens United” rulings will be passed.

    Have we forgotten Gore vs. Bush already?

  4. Sassifras says

    Rodney: Of course not, but think about what you’re saying. “I hope one of those fuckers will just DIE because they disagree with me.” That is patently ridiculous.

  5. anon says

    By Orwellian, do you mean the liberal majority Kelo decision to grant eminent domain privileges to private parties? We’ve had any number of bad SC decisions over the last several years, regardless of the political content. Kennedy was also the justice that wrote the decision for Lawrence v Texas, which overturned sodomy laws everywhere, so he’s a mixed bag. Also the court was 8-1 and 9-0 in favor of the patriot act and military commission trials. That would be a lot of seat swapping.

  6. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    The airship’s pretty, but did anyone do any fact-checking? His lift, tonnage numbers are way-off….and there’s no-way that you could drive that shape through the air at any reasonable rate-of-speed. Even the much-more aerodynamic Hindenburg would need 118 hrs. at 70-knots to reach Hong Kong via the North Pole. A more reasonable 10,100 sea-miles route would take nearly double-that…or about 10 to 11 days non-stop.

  7. PearlsBeforeSwine says

    RE: airship
    Helium is a non-renewable resource. Every time you buy a helium balsoon, the gas eventually escapes and enters the atmosphere. Since Helium is non-reactive and lighter than air, it rises up to the top of the atmosphere and escapes into space. That is why the price of helium keeps going up.

    The alternative is hydrogen. But the explosion of the Hindenberg has so tainted the ideo of hydrogen airships that it will never be considered to lift aircraft where people are carried. So it is nice to conceive of fantasies like this airship, but they will never be made.

  8. Paul R says

    At least we can hope that Obama takes a page from the GOP playbook and nominates youngish justices (like Bush did with Roberts). It used to be that justices were appointed after having exhibited extensive wisdom and experience, and were often in their 60s. But in today’s viciously bipartisan atmosphere, every president would be wise to have their nominees be no older than 50.

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