News: David Furnish, Utah, Megan Phelps, , GayTM, Snooki

 roadClose the GayTM: The DNC gave $500,000 to anti-gay Blue Dog Democrat Ben Nelson.

Phelps road Andrew Belonsky interviews
Westboro Baptist Church's Megan Phelps

 roadPoof: Snooki gets makeover.

 roadBarney Frank named 'Porker of the Year'.

 roadPreliminary hearing for killer of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado continues

 roadMore Mehcad Brooks underwear

 roadBehind-the-scenes of Kellan
Lutz and Fernando Verdasco's underwear
photo shoots.

 roadDavid Furnish: Fighting HIVAIDS must be top priority in rebuilding Haiti. "…the process of rebuilding Haiti is an opportunity – an
opportunity not only to rebuild homes, businesses, and hospitals, but
also to address the longstanding health and social challenges that have
resulted in still-too-high infection rates. Without confronting these
challenges, HIV/AIDS prevalence could increase to previous levels and
compromise all other rebuilding and recovery efforts."

 roadZac Posen did not want to ruin his image by being photographed with a Muppet.

 roadRetired Navy Captain Joan Darrah on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

Utah roadThe state of Utah's word game marriage campaign.

 roadMan stuck on ice floe in the North Sea is saved by a woman watching the sunset on a webcam in Germany, who spotted him trying to signal someone with his camera flash: "The woman contacted police, who located the man's signals and guided him
into shore by flashing their car lights. Officiers then lectured him on
the dangers of trekking on the ice."

 roadSenator Kirsten Gillibrand to speak at HRC NYC gala.

 roadVictim of November anti-gay attack in UK remains in coma, may not recover.

 roadKell on Earth: OUT interviews Kelly Cutrone's assistant Andrew Mukamal.

 roadTimes Square to get
Valentine's Ice Heart

 roadMarriage activists to
stage three weeks of events
in Pennsylvania.

 roadDoctors communicate with man in coma by asking him to think of things: "They devised a technique to enable the man, now 29, to answer yes and no
to ­simple questions through the use of a hi-tech scanner, monitoring
his brain ­activity. To answer yes, he was told to think of playing tennis, a motor
activity. To answer no, he was told to think of wandering from room to
room in his home, visualising everything he would expect to see there,
creating activity in the part of the brain governing spatial awareness. His
doctors were amazed when the patient gave the correct answers to a
series of questions about his family."


  1. patrick nyc says

    Andy why give that skank Phelps or anyone else from her tribe any press? Please well all know what evil scum they are.

  2. crispy says

    That Megan Phelps interview is interesting because we all just assume that once Fred Phelps kicks it, his batshit crazy insane church and its small flock will fold. Or at least shut the fuck up.

    Apparently, that’s not going to be the case. The next generation will carry on. And they are very proficient breeders… she’s has 10 siblings!

    The good news is she recognizes that no one outside the family will want her… so they have to fuck each other to spawn new haters. Eventually the level of mental retardation will reach a point where they can’t tell if they’re protesting a soldier’s funeral or a box of crayons. It’s like an X-Files episode.

  3. patrick nyc says

    Crayons. Another good one Crispy. I sometimes forget that not all know about these evil pricks. I’ve known about them for decades and know very well of how inbred and dangerous they are.

    People who are not aware, they go from town to town, suing over arrests, which most towns settle just to get rid of them. That is a major income, the other funds can not be found. Sick group of people.

  4. Tralfaz says

    Why does ANYONE give that Phelps cunt attention? Or any of piles of shit? Don’t fucking interview them. Don’t take their pictures, just ignore them and let them fucking rot!

  5. walter says

    beware the phelps clan they are trying to soft pedal the image but are just as deadly as their father they are the perfect picture for a planned parent hood poster or just another red neck joke reguarding in breeding.

  6. walter says

    Andy keep posting the movements of the phelps clan because it is always better to keep an eye on your enemies

  7. CJ says

    Does anyone else believe the story on the account of the coma patient to be chilling? If this data is true, then coma patients are nothing more than physically paralyzed victims who are somehow conscious and aware of their environment but can not physically interact with it. Frightening!

  8. JD says

    The coma article neglected to include the Glass standards for evaluating coma and injury to brain function. This is the European standard for rating recovery potential from brain injury. Improper coma diagnosis is extremely rare when using this standard. The article attempts to misrepresent the risks of improper medical treatment while in a coma and perhaps being accidentally terminated (ala Premature Burial with Vincent Price.) A more salient point would be to remind readers to the importance of legal DNR directives. Would you WANT to be held indefinitely in a vegetative state, and bankrupt your family who mistakenly hold hope that in a year or two or 10, that you will somehow just wake up? Would you WANT to have them agonize daily at a hospital holding false hope that you MIGHT recover completely, each day unknowing to you, they renew their suffering because they didn’t have the legal opportunity to authorize life support removal?

  9. Shane says

    JD has obviously never had a loved one in a coma. And certainly not one who recovered.
    Funny how we are finding out all this useful information about people in comas AFTER Terry Schiavo’s husband was allowed to kill her.

  10. JD says

    Shane, you are absolutely WRONG. My own sister experienced a heart attack, her oxygen deprived brain induced a coma last year. Family had to request removal of life support after several days of indecision and medical tests, which can be quite stressful for family members to witness being performed on a helpless body. You obviously have NEVER had to provide long term care for someone who was terminally ill, or watch someone die of cancer, as I have.

    The public politicians who allowed the torture of Terry Schiavo and her husband for a PRIVATE medical condition were found to be ignorantly pushing a political agenda and cared not about the patient or health care. (Republicans still don’t get it to this day.)

    Your opinion is revealingly ignorant and smells of a witless right-wing-wacko odor. Now, go kneel, and hit your head with a cross.