News: Gareth Thomas, Alcatraz, Zachary Quinto, Coral Reefs

 road Openly gay Illinois Senate candidate Jacob Meister drops out, endorses opponent. Illinois gubernatorial candidate Dan Hynes makes stop in Boystown.

Alcatraz  roadHotel proposed for Alcatraz. "Overnight visitors would not stay in the main cell block but in Building
64, formerly used to house guards. The building, on the east side of
the island, has spectacular views of Berkeley and the East Bay hills.
The proposal would also let visitors camp on the island."

 roadPrince Harry's hips don't lie.

 roadGLAAD: CBS needs to improve on LGBT inclusion.

 roadThe worst: Razzie nominations announced.

 roadZachary Quinto to play George Gershwin in Stephen Spielberg biopic.

 road4,000 Americans still
missing in Haiti
: "Is this being under-reported because it's too
painful? Is it because of
racism? Is it because of lack of information?"

Thomas roadGay Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas hosts
coming out party
: "'Everybody here tonight is celebrating that the
world is changing,' Thomas said, 'We are
here to send the message that it's OK to be a sportsman and it is also
OK to be gay.'

In a show of solidarity, Thomas’ rugby team-mates and supporters joined
him at the party. Stars like Will Young and Graham Norton were also

British gay activist Peter Tatchell praised Thomas and said he hoped
other sportsmen would follow his example. 'If more top-class
professional sportspeople came out as Gareth has done they would win
huge amounts of public respect for their honesty and courage,' he said."

 roadChip off the old block: Is
the Moon the result of a nuclear explosion on Earth

 roadAspen match-up spells victory for gay hockey team: "A team of elite, gay, ice hockey all-stars from across North America defeated a team of elite, international, heterosexual players on January 20 in Aspen, Colo., in what has become one of the most popular attractions at the annual Aspen Gay Ski Week."

Phallus  roadCloaked phallus erected on University of Alabama campus.

 roadAmerican Family Association radio host thinks it's time to imprison all gays: "The bottom line here is that, biblically, those 'who practice homosexuality' should come under the purview of the law just as much as those who take people captive in order to sell them into slavery."

 roadMale model fix: Jeremy Dufour.

 roadMadonna and somebody else's face step out in London.

 roadCoral reefs freeze to death in South Florida.

 roadNoH8 goes Italian!

 roadRosie O'Donnell talks to the L.A. Times: "Kelli and I are still close. Like many gay families that I know, gay
women especially who have children together, we remain friends. Not that
heterosexual people don't or can't do it, but every gay woman I know is
friends with her exes, and they're involved with their lives in some
capacity. Kelli is a big part of what made this family so amazing and
what continues to."

Veronica Doe: More anti-LGBT activity from the TSA and Federal Air Marshals.


  1. John says

    Welsh not Irish.

    It is really important to refer to Europeans by their correct tribal affiliations. They get really defensive about it too.

    Even New Yorkers get really defensive about it. I misplaced a couple vowels once, and lets just say my friend was not amused:

    “I’m ITALIAN not SPANISH. Do I look Spanish to you?”

    Recognizing that the time for honesty had long past, I assured him that any similarities are purely superficial.

  2. elcamino says

    Gareth Thomas is gorgeous and ginger but he is Welsh, by nationality, not merely “tribal affiliation,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. I mean to say.

    Canadian’s aren’t Canadian by “tribal affiliation” nor are Americans, Brazilians, etc. So no need to patronize others because you can’t tell the difference yourself, John.

    Gareth Thomas is distinguished sportsman and a hottie. Any country would be glad to claim him.

  3. Sean R says

    @John: it’s utter rubbish to suggest national identity doesn’t matter today, its of crucial importance. Wars are fought over it and rugby players are a key symbol of national pride.

  4. TANK says

    Blah blah blah. People thought my papa was puerto rican throughout his twenties and thirties in nyc. he’s jewish. It was a laugh. And Gareth Thomas waited until retirement to come out…total wimp and no role model, irish or welsh.

    Rosie odonnell on curb was funny. “Stand back, ladies–I’ll handle this” And the AMA radio host is just as much a “true” christian as jesus himself.

    LOL! Wendy Wheelchair!

  5. Dutchguytoo says

    John, I guess we Europeans should learn from our American friends. Americans, of course, are not at all tribalistic, chauvanistic, nationalistic, etc.

  6. TANK says

    “The 35-year-old retired from internationals after the 2007 World Cup, but still plays for Welsh provincial side Cardiff Blues.”

    Okay, basically retired. Whoops…

  7. Brodie says

    Cheers to the gay hockey team for winning. More gay people need to adopt a winning attitude instead of being passive, letting things happen to you.

    Georger Gershwin was gay. Will the movie be open about Gershwin’s homosexuality?

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “Georger Gershwin was gay. Will the movie be open about Gershwin’s homosexuality?”

    I don’t think anyone has ever been able to prove that, BRODIE. It’s not like Cole Porter, Aaron Copeland, Stephen Sondheim, etc. Gershwin’s gayness is hard to prove.

    Was Johnny Mercer gay? I know–google it, right?

  9. Thomasina says

    @TANK: You can be both Jewish and Puerto Rican. Judaism is a religion that any person of any race, ethnicity, and/or nationality can adhere to, and there are more Jews in Puerto Rico than anywhere else in the Caribbean.

  10. TANK says

    Yeah…that’s true. Judaism is a religion. Don’t know too many black jews or irish looking jews…or even hispanic jews… So, if there are more jews in peurto rico than anywhere else in the caribbean, I guess that brings the number to three? LOL! BTW, jewdar is more than just a figment of my imagination. And there’s a look.

  11. says

    I went to school with a Cuban Jew in high school. I also know a Venezuelan Jew. There are plenty of Latino Jews out there.

    And god knows, if you get UBER technical, some of us are still Jewish because we can trace our matrilineal lines all the way to Spain circa the Inquisition and find some Jewish blood there.

    And all my Jewish friends always tell me that as a Cuban I’m an honorary Jew because for some reason Cubans are considered the Jews of Latin America. Someone explain that to me.

  12. TANK says

    Yeah…”plenty of latino jews”. LOL! Everyone’s jewish! That sounds so painfully goy! There is actually a jewish population in honduras, and ironically they get along well with the palestinian population there, too. But “significant” population…c’mon. LOL! Everything’s subjective…except things that aren’t.

  13. JT says

    Alex : Someone once told me it’s because the Cubans were considered the smartest with money. Or the craftiest (depending on whether it’s a compliment or an insult). I’m not saying that’s definite, but that’s what one Cuban told me.

  14. Paul R says

    And I was told that it was because Cubans, like Jews, suffered under suffocating domestic leadership or foreign domination, and so often were compelled to relocate from their homeland.

  15. says

    “Jew as an ethnicity is traced through the Matrilineal descent.”

    Many Jews don’t distinguish between matrilineal or patrilineal descent for ethnic ties.

    “One doesn’t need to practice Judaism to be an ethnic Jew.” Very true, nor does one need to be ethnically Jewish to practice Judaism.

    (And TANK, I’m an Irish-looking Jew who has a black-ish Jewish friend and had a Mexican Jewish classmate in grad school.)

  16. TANK says

    “One doesn’t need to practice Judaism to be an ethnic Jew.” Very true, nor does one need to be ethnically Jewish to practice Judaism.”

    Perhaps you misunderstand. I’ll make that clear for you. I’m a stone cold atheist, and have been since the age of 7-8. If I were alive during the reign of the third reich, and lived in Germany, I’d be considered a jew. Someone whose parents converted to judaism from, say, christianity wouldn’t necessarily be (parents, not grandparents). And those who converted to judaism themselves might be executed, but not because they were considered jewish, but traitors to the “aryan race”.

    “(And TANK, I’m an Irish-looking Jew who has a black-ish Jewish friend and had a Mexican Jewish classmate in grad school.)”

    There are exceptions; I never stated otherwise. My father looks hispanic, not jewish. But this is not common. In the united states, jews are not as racially, culturally, and ethnically diverse as you’re trying to imply…quite the opposite, actually.

    “Many Jews don’t distinguish between matrilineal or patrilineal descent for ethnic ties.”

    Jews for jesus? LOL!

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