Iowa Bigots Fail in Motion to Ban Same-Sex Marriage, Pushing Any Chance for Anti-Gay Measure to 2014

Remember that push the Iowa GOP was making to get a same-sex marriage ban in front of legislators for consideration?

It failed: Iowa

GOP minority leader Kraig Paulsen, R-Hiawatha, invoked a call of the
House, which required all representatives not excused for the day to
return to the chamber. Paulsen implemented a House rule that would pull
House Joint Resolution 6 from committee and place it on the debate

The attempt failed on a 45-54 vote. Paulsen told
reporters he was attempting to get House members on the record on the

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, D-Des Moines, said
there are too many pressing budget matters for lawmakers to get bogged
down in a divisive social issue. Senate Republicans took to the floor to
decry what they called obstruction by majority party leaders in barring
debate on a resolution that seeks to bring the constitutional issue
before Iowa voters. Joint resolutions must pass in the exact same form
by two consecutive General Assemblies to be placed on a statewide

It failed earlier in the Senate as well: "All 18 Republicans signed on to the petition, but 26 signatures were needed to force a vote. McKinley said one of the chamber’s 32 Democrats also signed the petition — state Sen. Tom Hancock of Epworth. 'While our bi-partisan effort fell short of gaining the 26 votes needed to proceed, the voters this November will have an opportunity to decide if they are content with the continued Democrat obstruction and inaction,' McKinley said in a statement shortly after the effort failed."

Aside from the obvious, why is this great news?

That means Iowans will likely have to wait until 2014 at the earliest to
vote on whether to amend the constitution and ban same-sex marriage. It
takes votes by two consecutive general assemblies before proposed
constitutional amendments can go before voters.

More on the failed efforts here. One Iowa has posted a page where you can thank Iowa legislators for standing up against bigotry.


  1. says

    these bastards will be sitting and waiting until then and will try it again. it is time for us to stop spending any tourist money in states that don’t want us to have the same rights as straights.

  2. Disgusted American says

    seriously – by 2014 – 1000’s upon 1000’s of cpls will have been married….so, what they want is THOSE marriages null & void? ..I would Hope,and doubt that could ever happen by then!!!! ..and Marriage Equality in Iowa by THEN – will be a NO BRAINER!

  3. says

    uh, this is the bigger picture:

    “House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, D-Des Moines, said there are too many pressing budget matters for lawmakers to get bogged down in a divisive social issue.”

    don’t applaud, unless you’re of the ‘ends justify means’ mindset.

  4. says

    LK, tourist money? seriously? in IOWA?

    think bigger. what’s Iowa known for? you can either pledge to not do what you never do in the first place; or you can move TO Iowa and make a difference through bodies, votes and positive assimilation/gaining local seats and giving positive results back to one’s community.

  5. says

    LK, tourist dollars? seriously? in IOWA?

    That’s like planning to ban Wheaties from your household after dolphin boy was chastised last year for getting photographed with a pipe…. when one doesn’t eat Wheaties and has no desire to. But sure, join the ban.

    What is Iowa most known for? I think there are actually two productive options:

    move from Iowa

    move to Iowa

    How many towleroad readers are Iowans permanently, or know gays/lesbians who are permanent Iowans? If the numbers are huge, an exodus from Iowa would be exponentially more huge. Are the numbers there?

    Perhaps the better way is to make like an illegal alien, and move TO Iowa. Overwhelm with physical numbers, assimilate into communities in a positive way, gain local seats and positions, and make one’s self economically detrimental NOT to cater to.

    Unlike with blacks, there are no laws outright preventing gays from moving into somewhere (lack of laws preserving the right not to be harassed by sexual orientation is not even close to what blacks and native americans experienced). Is this acceptable to gays here?

  6. says

    I understand now what happened to my comments :) anyway, do NOT go to the to make your voice heard. VERY BAD IDEA. It’s an online petition (blah), set up for democrats (blah 2). Preaching to the choir is worthless. Online petitions moreso.

    If one does feel strongly about what’s going on in Iowa, is frustrated by the Iowa State Representative’s lack of ease to find information, go to to find their list of Legislators for Equality, then write a snail letter to the following address, with the state representative of your choice named:

    Iowa Senate/Iowa House of Representatives
    State Capitol
    Des Moines, IA 50319

    or send a fax to the following number, with the name of your Iowa state representative of choice:

    515 281 8758 fax

    or call this number and be routed to the voicemail of your Iowa state representative of choice:

    (515) 281-3221

    When I called, I reached a sweet little old white lady who stuttered (she was so nervous, this may be her first day?), wouldn’t give me her name, but was otherwise pleasant and gave me the fax number which isn’t included on the offical state representative site. If you call in, be nice to her.

    Also, be aware of the disclaimer on McKinley Bailey’s voicemail:

    “if you are not a constituent we may not have time to respond to your request”

    They’re going to care less about what outsiders say, than what Iowans say (another reason why pre-written online petitions gathering electronic signatures from who knows where, is worthless). MAKE IT PERSONAL, if you contact them and you’re not Iowan.

  7. decent says

    This is fantastic news. It’s 4 years of opportunities for education, 4 years of the sky not falling (as it hasn’t in Canada, Mass., Spain, etc.). *Reality* will overtake any homophobic hatemongering campaign.

    *Reality* is Peter LaBarbera’s, Maggie Gallagher’s, and Fred Phelps’ worst enemy.

  8. Garst says

    Is anyone else getting the feeling that politicians have complete forgotten that they are suppose to represent people not just win votes so they can get paid to argue 4 months out of a year?

  9. shadow_man says

    Homosexuality is not a choice. Just like you don’t choose the color of your skin, you cannot choose whom you are sexually attracted to. If you can, sorry, but you are not heterosexual, you are bi-sexual. Virtually all major psychological and medical experts agree that sexual orientation is NOT a choice. Most gay people will tell you its not a choice. Common sense will tell you its not a choice. While science is relatively new to studying homosexuality, studies tend to indicate that its biological.
    Gay, Straight Men’s Brain Responses Differ,2933,155990,00.html

    There is overwhelming scientific evidence that homosexuality is not a choice. Sexual orientation is generally a biological trait that is determined pre-natally, although there is no one certain thing that explains all of the cases. “Nurture” may have some effect, but for the most part it is biological.

    And it should also be noted that:
    “It is worth noting that many medical and scientific organisations do believe it is impossible to change a person’s sexual orientation and this is displayed in a statement by American Academy of Pediatrics, American Counseling Association, American Association of School Administrators, American Federation of Teachers, American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, American School Health Association, Interfaith Alliance Foundation, National Association of School Psychologists, National Association of Social Workers, and National Education Association.”

  10. shadow_man says

    To those of you using the Bible as a weapon against homosexuality, you are wrong. Homosexuality is not a sin. The Bible is constantly being taken out of context to support anti-gay views. Any educated Christian would know that. Scholars who have studied the Bible in context of the times and in relation to other passages have shown those passages (Leviticus, Corinthians, Romans, etc) have nothing to do with homosexuality. These passages often cherry-picked while ignoring the rest of the Bible. The sins theses passages are referring to are idolatry, Greek temple sex worship, prostitution, pederasty with teen boys, and rape, not homosexuality or two loving consenting adults.

    Thats why Jesus never mentions it as well. There is nothing immoral, wrong, or sinful about being gay. Jesus, however, clearly states he HATES hypocrites. If you preach goodness, then promote hate and twist the words of the Bible, you are a hypocrite, and will be judged and sent to hell. Homosexuals will not go to hell, hypocrites will.

    This is very similar to the religious bigots of the past, where they took Bible passages to condone slavery, keep women down, and used Bible passages to claim blacks as curses who should be enslaved by the white man. People used God to claim that blacks marrying whites was unnatural, and not of God’s will.

  11. Norm D Plume says

    I fucking HATE the phrase and the entire philosophy behind “changing hearts and minds.” Number one, it’s a big fucking lie. WE ARE NOT A HOPELESS EMBATTLED MINORITY. We are the majority and it’s damn time we act like it. Number two, that whole “changing hearts and minds” bullshit diverts our attention from where it counts: from the politicians to other citizens. WE DO NOT NEED THE APPROVAL OF BIGOTED CITIZENS BEFORE WE WIN EQUALITY ANY MORE THAN BLACK PEOPLE NEEDED THE APPROVAL OF THE KKK BEFORE THEY GOT EQUALITY. Our politicians are the ones with the power to change the law: they choose not to, not because “the people” don’t want them to, but because they answer to a higher power: the reelection committees and their party bureaucrats. The “changing hearts and minds” philosophy is a dead end and it has failed us. We need to change our own hearts and minds and realize that we ARE worth fighting for and that is it is intolerable to continue to live one day more without full federal equality in all 50 states.

  12. epworth citizen says

    I emailed the Democrat as he is my representative. I told him his views did not represent the views of all of his constituents as he basically claimed in the Dubuque paper. He did email me back and said the comments he was hearing were overwhelming in favor of what he voted. I told him bigots are everywhere and so are gays and lesbians.

    Please target him.

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