1. Javier says

    Once again, Towleroad confuses and conflates effeminancy with homosexuality. Weir is flamboyantly, obstinately effemminate. That is not the same as being gay. Is he too effeminate for figure skating? Probably.

  2. Beezle says

    “macho sport of figure skating” ??? If one can be too effeminate for figure skating it’s because other members of the figure skating community are either not secure in their masculinity, or because they just plain dislike femininity (most likely in women too).

  3. Jason says

    I thought at first it was an act to further his celebrity status. I don’t think so anymore; I think this truly is his art form and I applaud him for that. I like the guy. I think the question whether he is too effeminate is a dumb question. If he is a great in his sport/performances and his flamboyance is part of what makes him one of the greats then questioning that facet of his personality is rather pointless.

  4. stephen says

    There’s NO SUCH THING as TOO gay! duh!

    The truth is there’s TOO MUCH acceptance of dull, boring, conventionality!

    Embrace your big-GAY, the world will sparkle more. :)

  5. says

    The “That’s Gay” program needs to revamp their voice over logo. I find the line reading demeaning and anti gay as it vocally lowers the word gay as a put down. The use it like a straight teenager would in a sarcastic manner to offend someone.
    It should be upbeat not downbeat.

  6. Ted says

    Those who would disparage a gay man for being too effeminate equate femininity with weakness. Of course weakness is not inherent to femininity. In many ways women are the stronger sex having a higher threshold for pain then men.

    When you ridicule a man for being too effeminate you are also disparaging women.

  7. GrabbinNewscum says

    >When you ridicule a man for being too >effeminate you are also disparaging women.
    >Posted by: Ted | Feb 28, 2010 11:27:44 AM

    Yes, heaven forbid we should disparage women by ridiculing effeminate gay men.

    We’ve got plenty of real women we can disparage outright by calling them “cunts” and “whores”.

  8. says

    Classy, real classy Grabbincum.

    I love the fact that Weir is a big ole gurl and proud of it! I don’t need him or any other Queen to Butch it up on my behalf!

    Power on Flams!

  9. Qjersey says

    You’re late Andy. This was posted on other websites days ago.

    He’s not effeminate at all. He’s just a big ol gay boy. What is effeminate anyway? We just define anything that isn’t masculine as feminine.

  10. Jeremy says

    Figure skating is the most effeminate “sport” I can think of, since cross-stitching isn’t competitive.

    I hate gay men who disdain femininity.

    Okay, we get it, you’re a big butch macho gay man. Awesome for you, now stop being a douchebag xerox of all the straight people (who, by the way, don’t care if you can “pass” as straight, you’re still a fag in their eyes, and you won’t win them over to love and accept you by throwing other gays under the bus) and stop putting down other people’s sexuality and gender identity.

    It makes my blood boil to see the people who should be the most understanding be the loudest voices of condemnation.

  11. Bridget says

    LOVE that they interview Elvis Stojko as an example of a “masculine” skater. Stoyko’s skating was a CRIME. I can’t think of any skater I disliked (on the ice, I mean, obviously not on a personal level).

    I think the clip does a GREAT job of expressing the media and IOC bias against Johnny Weir. Let me just say that the only other male skater I truly followed and adored was Alexei Yagudin. Beautiful artist, amazing athlete, the best of both worlds. I love Johnny for similar reasons; he’s five times more beautiful than Alexei and lacks Alexei’s presence and power, but he makes up for it with sheer beauty and artistic interpretation. And is he not an athlete? His jumps are SOLID, his spins are well-positioned, and his footwork is very nice.

    So was Weir robbed? Yes, of course, he was.

    I don’t want to comment on the presentation of the clip itself since I’m not familiar with this blog and I’m a straight woman, so I’m not sure my comments would hold any sway with the community … hmm, I’ll just say that in the list of GAY SPORTS the guy left out SOCCER. I mean, every time they score, a whole team full of hot men jump each other and kiss and hug. Sometimes, they even take their shirts off.


    p.s. Critics also might want to look into the new scoring system; Weir himself said that the new scoring system is based solely around jumps, spins, and footwork, and ignores presentation. He even mentioned Alexei Yagudin, who was the last male figure skater to win under the old system. Disgusting to think that Yagudin might not win against his nemesis Plushenko under the new system….

  12. Jay Croce says

    It’s not so much a matter of being ‘too gay’ that causes Johnny problems. It’s that his personal life and personal tastes take too much attention away from his professional image. It would be the same if he was some ugly, badly dressed rednek. The judges are human. If you give them reason to look at something other than your talent, they won’t see what you’re doing on the ice.

  13. TheNiebur says

    The guy is awesome on the ice, no way to look past that. And he brings fun & a diff flavor to it all. We always demand that we be accepted for who we are, but that doesn’t include those of us who’s just a lil “too gay”, I suppose? There’s a lot of things you can bee “too much”. Like too evil, too narrow-minded & too stupid. But too gay? Never! We need to grow the f up and fast, and show the world we stand strong together, ALL INCLUSIVE! Be who you want to be, live and let live. If we start telling other gays how they should be and behave, we are no better than the bible thumping, teabagging, lowlife bigots!

    When will we ever learn…

  14. ChrisM says

    We’re just never going to get past this are we? People simply aren’t going to be satisfied until everyone meets their definition of “normal” (and that’s NEVER going to happen) People always have to have somebody to look down on, condemn and criticize. If people would spend a bit more time worrying about things that are actually important, as well as cleaning their own houses, then maybe things would be better for all of us.

    And I’ve got a huge surprise for those announcers who think Johnny is too effeminate – if you know enough about the sport of skating to be an announcer (and/or judge) the general public is already assuming that you’re nothing but a big old queen yourself. That in turn makes you look as if you’re envious of the talents of the younger skaters and are simply looking for a way to demean them. Do your job and evaluate the performance – nothing more, nothing less.