Johnny Weir to Give Up Skating, Pursue Future in Fashion?

Shortly after he was robbed by the judges (imho) last night, Johnny Weir was discussing the next phase of his career, Martin Rogers at Yahoo Sports reports:

Weir “No figure skater, man or woman, is more in your face than Weir, who delivered his usual dose of outrageous and unapologetic theater at the Pacific Coliseum, to finish the men’s event in sixth place.However, as Weir exclusively revealed to Yahoo! Sports just moments after finishing his program, he might not be in your face for much longer.’I am going to skate in the World Championships and then I have to decide how long I want to stay on vacation,’ he said.’In figure skating your body can only last for so long.I can’t be 50 and trying to skate but I can be 50 and be in fashion, so I have to look to my future and what I want to achieve.'”

Added Weir: “I want to create art more than anything and the way I want to do it is through fashion.I want to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan and really learn the basics of fashion from the ground up. I want to create things while I have time on earth, and the art of costume and culture has always inspired me.I think being in the public eye can only help me launch into the world of fashion.”

Here’s an analysis of the judging behind the Johnny Weir robbery.


  1. Eric26 says

    It was (fairly) close, and it’s not like Weir was in 10th place. I saw everyone skate and Weir deserved exactly what he got. He can be great when he wants to be and last night he wasn’t.

  2. javo says

    I wish Johnny so much success in life. I really do like this kid. IMO, I do feel he should have finished higher than 6th place.
    Go Johnny and may you continue to be yourself in whatever you do!

  3. Tell it like it is says

    Sorry ERIC26, but I completely disagree with you.

    Love him or hate him, this guy was robbed. His skating both nights was clean and spectacular, and his artistry superb. The three skaters ahead of him all stumbled or straight out fell on their asses. And their flair did not come close to his.

    He should have had the bronze.

    Regardless, he is the most fun to watch and the best showman of them all and I wish him success in the future.

  4. Greg says

    IMHO, Weir was not given enough credit for his actual performance last night. He skated almost flawlessly, and had an amazing routine. Regardless of whether you like him or not, he should have been scored higher in both programs. His performances were pretty spot on compared to others who faultered and placed higher than Weir

  5. Zlick says

    Yep, his routine was beautiful. To be honest, I saw only his and Lysacek’s. But you can’t argue with the unfairness higher-scoring competitors having actually fallen during their routines. WTF?

    But, sigh, figure skating judging is a notoriously dirty field. Weir must have known that going in. I wish him best of luck in his future endeavors.

  6. LetSodomRing says

    The scoring penalty for falls is well defined, as is everything else under the current system. No, where Weir was scored unfairly was in the program component scores (analogous to the old artistic marks). The PCS is clearly defined in the rules, and yet judges often fail to enforce them. Worse yet, Johnny Weir was included on an “educational” DVD sent out to judges as an example of bad artistry. His PCS never recovered since then. See article here:

  7. DennisNYC says

    Weir was pure class in all respects. His skating was stellar and the most compelling to watch. His reaction to the ridiculously low score was impressive. His speaking Russian with his coach was cool and showed respect for skating’s traditions. His joy in a triumphant Olympic performance was moving. I came away an absolute fan. He has a great future ahead of him in whatever he does, and I wish him well.

  8. Cybearsage says

    After he enters into fashion design, maybe we’ll see him again on Project Runway. That’ll surely be a Weir(d) season.

    Good luck and good night Johnny.

  9. JoeR says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the commentators last night tried to explain Weir’s lower score by saying that his program was not as difficult as the others. So yes, he skated it beautifully and cleanly, but he also started out with lower potential points.

    I don’t know much about judging and scoring, so who knows if this is true or not, but whatever. For me I wanted Takahashi to win. Just sucks that he fell attempting the quad. Sigh.

  10. Eric26 says

    To say the least, if you don’t know much about how the scoring works (and it is very complicated) then you will often be surprised by the scores the judges give people, especially if you were “moved” by a performance.

  11. Rick says

    “I saw everyone skate and Weir deserved exactly what he got.”

    I disagree, but it wasn’t so much that Weir was under-marked (which he was) it was how ridiculously over-marked Chan was. So, yes, Johnny was robbed.

  12. Lanu says

    I was super sad to see he didn’t score much, MUCH better than what the judges gave him. I’m not saying the other guys don’t deserve their wins, but Johnny was severely robbed in my opinion. And I agree, I think busting your ass (some that beat him even did multiple times!) means you shouldn’t beat out someone who skated a clean program. He had some difficult jumps as well, and he landed them ALL.

  13. scar2 says

    Love him cuz he’s a breathe of fresh air, but I don’t think he was robbed. His performance was not as difficult technically as the others, esp compared to the top 3. He could have been 4th, 5th, or 6th cuz the scores were close but there was no way he should have been in the top 3. Don’t forget their scores in the short program also counted.

  14. James C says

    First off, all the top skater’s program component (artistic)and technical element scores were higher than the rest of the season. I call this the Olympic bump given as acknowledgment of performing under pressure.

    Second, Johnny was already entering with a lower base value that the other guys. Still he accumulated more grade of execution points that Lambiel or Chan. So he gained more ground from his base value than them and earned a higher technical score.

    Third, TV is not always a good way to assess the quality of anyone’s skating because it is two dimensional. Johnny skated well, but he did have deficiencies. His program is simpler that those who finished ahead of him in areas other than jumps. He lost a level on his first spin b/c he lost his edge and didn’t have enough rotations. Also, like Plushenko, he front-loaded his program doing five triples (inclding both triple axels)off the top. So he could not earn as many bonus points. He has had endurance issues in the past, so that was likely the reason for his jump placement. Lastly his footwork is not as complex and his edges aren’t as deep as Chan, Lambiel or Lysacek. Those three are also better spinners than Johnny. So I think the result was fair.

  15. Jeffrey says

    Everyone who doesn’t understand the scoring of figure skating really needs to stop commenting. Weir was scored fairly for what he did. He generally had a less complicated program then the other top competitors. Really the could have ripped him a lot harder for the botched spin than the did. Takahashi had one fall, but the rest of his elements were better than everyone else’s. The only arguement that you could make for underscoring Weir were on Skating skills, Performance, and Interpretation for which he lost about 6 pt.s to Chan and Lambiel. That would have put him ahead of Chan, but not Lambiel.

  16. says

    Sure, Weir was robbed of a few points, but in NO WAY was he better than any of the 3 award winners – even his artistry, while aesthetically good, was executed sloppily too often. So, instead of 8th, what maybe he’d come in 4th? Is that such a big deal?

  17. Harry says

    Mr. Weir was robbed of a bronze medal last night! I was shocked when I saw his score, even the audience booed. Johnny is a good guy and none these constipated judges or media types can let go of the fact that Johnny is a free spirit. Johnny, I wish you all the luck in the world in your fashion career.

  18. Randy says

    By the way, yes, you can still skate at 50, but you just need to do it professionally as an artist, rather than as an Olympic athlete.

    Besides, I’m unimpressed with the Olympic-style figure skating because it encourages attempts rather than successes, resulting in a lost of ugly failures. Not speaking about Weir in particular, but all competitive skaters generally, I think if you can’t make the jump (and by Olympic time, you should know) then don’t waste all our time trying.

    At least professional skating understands what the viewers want to see, and delivers.

  19. lea says

    Weir was robbed.

    I live in france, and here even the snob french television that is really anti usa and all agree that his performance was better than lisachek.

    Because he did most of his jump after the 3 first min of the programme. And with the notation he should be hired than lambiel and the other guy at least. Because of the bonus point.
    He also had more combination of triple jumps. And lambiel didn’t.
    In the artistic he was the best. He was gracefull on the ice. He was quick in unisson with the music.
    It’s a shame like people say that his talent is dismish just because judge think his skating is to feminin. With this program he wasn’t.
    My english isn’t really good but i felt sorry for him. He should have been higher.

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