2. says

    You stupid Fucks. This guy is pointing out an obvious unlawful double standard and willing to have God only knows what happen to him and all you Bitchez can do is snark.


    Good for you guy! Only by attacking the various constitutional inequities we face and challenging them in the courts will we finally get some equality. Well, that and a healthy dose of civil disobedience.

  3. DR says

    Personally, I’d not get a license plate like that as I don’t see the need to broadcast to the entire world. That kinda stuff stopped being necessary to me many, many years ago along with rainbow flags and whatnot.

    But the guy has a point. If I can go to the DMV and get a plate about my religion, my fave sports team or band, or my favorite past time, I don’t see how you can fairly say a plate like “IM GAY” is all that offensive. It is a double standard.

  4. Blaz says

    With so much anti-gay rhetoric coming from Oklahoma it takes quite a bit of courage to fight a battle like this. While people from other areas of the country may see this as a miniscule fight he is doing exactly what Derek pointed out, he is making people think.

    And in Oklahoma rarely are they forced to think about the discrimination against homosexuals.

  5. says

    It’s not a matter of whether you would get such a license plate ….
    It’s not a matter of broadcasting….etc.
    It’s a much more simple point; There should not be double standards or one law for straights and another for gays.
    It’s about equality.
    Good for this protester.
    The very act of bringing the authorities to court to force the law to be administered impartially and equally to all citizens is a great service to the entire community, gay and straight.
    Everyone has an interest in seeing the law upheld .
    (Are you reading this Mr.Woo/Bybee ? assholes !)

  6. TANK says

    DR, who cares what you’d personally do? Personally, you’d stay in the closet and marry some fat cow to sustain the illusion of heterosexuality. Personally…so clearly no one with an interest in having a healthy, happy life should follow your lead.

    That said, “I’m gay”, can mean “I’m stupid” given the shift in popular meaning.
    This guy looks like fat will sasso. Perhaps he should get an I’m dieting.

  7. Jason says

    hey –
    It might be easier for some of us to get a Celebrate Diversity bumper sticker or a rainbow pinstripe, but this guy has a point.

    To say plainly IM GAY is not actually disturbing or obscene. I have seen license plates that verge on the obscene many times. DRNKR was one! Talk about asking for police harassment. If authorities allow personal statements on plates at all I’m actually surprised that it was not denied because it was already issued!

    In fact I’m wondering if one was to search every state and province in N.America if the authorities had already issued one in another jurisdiction. Maybe we could help his case!

    Gimme a break.

    And for all those folks who are offended by his statement, well… Maybe you don’t like that he’s no poster boi queer, but who is actually? And what is the difference between him and all those who drive around in Subaru’s and VW’s with rainbow flag bumper stickers?

    One thing is… he’s got balls. That’s all I can say.

  8. DR says

    Tank, seriously, grow up. The constant need to fight with everyone who doesn’t agree with you is getting sadder by the minute.

    Just because I don’t feel the need to walk around in rainbow drag every day does not make me some self-loathing closet case, your failed attempts at armchair psych 101 notwithstanding.

    At least I’m not making dumb personal attacks, Tank. Really mature and supportive to call him fat and suggest he get a plate encouraging him to diet. Really, way to show your support. Bravo.

  9. TANK says

    It’s not just that you don’t agree with me, DR, it’s that you constantly defend homophobes and the closet, and side with the opposition. And rainbow drag? Please…you like the fact that no one knows that you’re gay, and go out of your way to preserve that false assumption. But I wouldn’t call our exchanges in the past “fighting” or even arguing; you’re just demonstrably wrong.

    And he should go on a diet for his health. It’s just not good for him to be walking around with a couple extra people on his frame. He could be like jerad. But this prohibition is pretty unfair and entirely homophobic.

  10. David T says

    More power to him. I don’t walk around in a rainbow flag either, but I applaud those who, regardless of how “out” they are, understand the need to fight discrimination everywhere. You guys criticizing him can just sit back while the grown ups do the work.

  11. DR says

    Tank, I defend the rights of people to speak, whether I agree with them or not. Unlike you, I do not believe it’s appropriate to throw a temper tantrum every time someone disagrees with me and then make unfounded personal attacks when they don’t.

    You represent the worst of us. The Politically Correct Thug who thinks that by shouting the loudest and calling people names, you’ll accomplish something. Sadly, the only thing you accomplish is looking like a fool.

    Enjoy your bitter world, Tank. I’m glad I’m not a part of it, because it’s an ugly and ignorant place to be.

  12. Randy says

    at 2:20, “It’s half a dozen of one, two dozen of another.”?

    The Bush disease seems to originate in Oklahoma. The phrase is “six of one, half dozen of another”.

    That said, “I’m gay” is a simple statement of fact about himself, not even taking a position pro or con, so he should be able to put it on his plate.

  13. TANK says

    “Tank, I defend the rights of people to speak, whether I agree with them or not.”

    Except when they disagree with you. But this has nothing to do with the rights of people to speak, nor has it ever concerned that. As I said, I think this guy’s doing a just service to the community by sticking up for what’s right…he could do that minus fifty lbs, too.

    “Unlike you, I do not believe it’s appropriate to throw a temper tantrum every time someone disagrees with me and then make unfounded personal attacks when they don’t.”

    Isn’t that what you’re doing, though?

    “You represent the worst of us.”

    Yeah, probly.

    “The Politically Correct Thug who thinks that by shouting the loudest and calling people names, you’ll accomplish something.”

    Me, politically correct? Oh, that’s good. Thank you. Thank you for the compliment. I’m sure just about everyone else but you disagrees, which just goes to show how backward you really are. The names are merely the icing on the cake for me. I don’t do it unless I’ve got an argument to make. It’s a coping mechanism, really, enabling me to deal with others legally.

    “Sadly, the only thing you accomplish is looking like a fool.”

    Well I’m be damned.

    “Enjoy your bitter world, Tank. I’m glad I’m not a part of it, because it’s an ugly and ignorant place to be.”

    LOL! I’ll enjoy my world, citizen! You’re not part of my world…though we communicate through interdimensional hyperspace somehow. I’m sure Keith Kimmel could tell us more about that given what an avid comic book fan he appears to be.

  14. jesse james says

    He’s going to make an excellent lawyer.

    How about a plate like this: IM1RU12

    Would they issue IM NOT GAY? or how about NOT STR8 ? This case could be lots of fun.

  15. kent says

    I’m from Okla City also and I applaud his stance. He may not be the quote “stero type” for most gays. Get over it. He’s gay and will stand up for being gay. How many others say that there gay but don’t stand up for their beliefs. Go Keith….

  16. Vince B. says

    Aye! What rock do some of you kids crawl out from under? Typical poor, mouthy Internet etiquette. Who’s to say what motivated Kimmel; might be reclaiming his personal power after being harrassed. Perhaps he’s just the activist so many of you never had the balls to be.

  17. says

    I know Keith and his attorney, Brittany Novotny. I also attended his hearing before the tax commission referee which the tax commssion has choosen to ignore. leading to his state lawsuit. I think he’s given an accurate review of his case.
    If anyone can win this case, Keith and Novotny will do it.

  18. says

    Thanks for the well wishes, James. I hope you are well. Thanks for everyone else’s support as well.

    Brittany Novotny is the most qualified person to get this job done. There is no one else that can win this case. Thats why she is on it. She is going to be a force for no small amount of good in this state. Not just this case. Google “Brittany Novotny Sally Kern” and you’ll see why.

    As for the handful of idiots commenting about my cuteness or lack thereof: fuck you. I mean it. Well, not literally.

    Not all gay people get to be cute. I didn’t chose to be non-cute, its the way I was born. But people like you are extra special and not in a good way. You want people to accept you because you suck cock (or whatever) but you claim for yourselves the right to shit on me because I am fat. Yeah, way to go. You guys should jump in bed with the religious nuts and go from our community. Leave, no one needs you or wants you and your ignorant comments will not be missed.

    Non-cute gay people and their special rights matter, too.

  19. John says

    Obviously, this is an equality issue. Yet most of you don’t have the perspective about this that those of us in Oklahoma do about Mr. Kimmel. Most the community is convinced that he is a mental case and not really gay, but using gays to get attention. That works in Oklahoma. He’s got a long criminal history and records with the Dept of Homeland Security. He’s behaved so badly in the community that Okla City’s gay newspaper came out with a front page editorial accusing him of making terroristic threats against members of the gay community here. Kimmel goes out of his way to be as offensive as he possibly can to people. He’s not an Oklahoman as he’s pretty much a transient that ends up in one state after being chased out of another. He showed up in Oklahoma two years ago and decided to be gay for some reason. The conventional wisdom here is that gay is a hot button issue and he’s using it to get attention. So in the end this isn’t an equality issue afterall, but about a transient mental health case that found something to use to get noticed.

  20. says

    John, I haven’t lived in Oklahoma for many years, so I can’t speak to the plaintiff’s history in the community. What I can say is that even if everything you reported was true (and this is highly suspect if you’re referencing something called “”), it doesn’t change the fact that the case is highlighting a biased and unfair application of state law. The suit seeks to investigate the equitable application of the law. The plaintiff’s social history or alleged mental health issues are utterly irrelevant.

    I also don’t give a shit if he’s fat or wears a Where’s Waldo cap. Keith honey, take it from an Oklahoman who escaped years ago… just ignore the haters and let your freak flag fly.

  21. says

    I do feel where he is coming from, because he should put on his license plate whatever the hell he wants.

    But his argument is a massive fail. What does STR8FAN and Str8sxi has to do with with being proud or proclaiming to be straight.

    Also I think a license plate with “I’m Gay” on it is so tacky. O.k your gay yay wow woohoo who gives a fuck. They are other ways of showing pride then some tacky way of seeking attention.

  22. anon says

    The bureaucratic standard for such things is this: if someone is likely to call us and complain, call the media and complain or call a politician and complain then it will be banned. Also not allowed are things reserved for VIPs, such as low plate numbers (“1″, etc) and plates that would confuse a cop, like putting “DP” in it (diplomatic plate).

  23. says

    lol, John. Gee, I wonder which “John” this is.

    My “records” with DHS are neither criminal nor long. I was the subject of a single counter terrorism memo from a Michigan field office of the FBI to the Secret Service in Washington, DC about some stuff I wrote about George Bush. What the local papers didn’t publish as LTEs I published myself. They sent a government agency to my house to harass me about it. They haven’t repeated that mistake since.

    My criminal history? Yeah, I got arrested for being drunk a few times recently. And I have an assload of traffic tickets. I have skipped traffic court a few times. When I was a kid, I got in trouble at home doing mostly harmless shit.

    Also, is not “Oklahoma City’s Gay Newspaper”. Its a fucking blog run by one person. Newspapers are printed, Gossip Boy has never been in print. And it doesn’t even cover the gay community anymore, it now only covers only conspiracy theories of how the right wing is plotting to take over America and other such nonsense. Oklahoma City does not have a gay newspaper. The MetroStar is a regional newspaper published in Tulsa that covers anything happens to go on in OKC, when something worth writing about happens here. But OKC has no newspaper devoted to it.

    Not an Oklahoman? Transient? Moves from state to state after he gets run out of another? haha, fuck you. You all tried to run me out of this state last year with the OKC Pride mess, or have you forgotten? Guess what? It didn’t work. Not only am I still here, I’m going to give the metro area a Pride organization that wont have a third of its operating budget embezzled because the Board is too fucking stupid to not put a drug addict (that they met a couple of months ago) in charge of the money. I will leave this state at some point in the not so distant future. But I will leave when I am damn well ready, not because I was run out.

    My haters can hate all they want. Most people who dont like me feel the way they do because I tell them how it is and I’m unafraid to give them my opinion even when its not wanted. Life is not a popularity contest and I refuse to see it as one. That stance really bothers some people. I honestly couldn’t care less that a few gay people – who do nothing for the community but drink, smoke, fuck, consume resources and pollute conversation with their uninformed opinions – and happen to own businesses, aligned themselves with those who do or have managed to install themselves as “community leaders” don’t like me.

    As for my mental health, lol, thats funny. I’m not crazy. I just refuse to conform to some folks ideas of what I should say or do in the gay community. I’m not conforming with this case and I have no intention starting now. This will become apparent over the next few days, when I announce a decision I have made in the case. Too many people before me conformed, thats why queers have no rights here. Or did you all somehow fail to make the connection?

    You know what? My haters: fuck ’em all. Useless, the lot of them. Unless they are on their knees before me. Some of them are quite cute and could be useful in that manner. Otherwise, I have no use for such people.

    The Milkman, that’s exactly what I intend to do. I’m not going to stay here forever. But I am determined to leave the place a little cleaner/better than I found it.

    Its typical of United States citizens now. While I take all the risks and cover all the expenses, I get shouted down by people who dont even know what the hell they are talking about. They are parroting something they heard on Facebook, or from a friend or from the media (which, btw, is doing a better than average job reporting this accurately).

    If it seems like I think I am better than them, its because I am better than them. I don’t take criticism from people who only have uneducated opinions to bring to the conversation.

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