1. George says

    I feel very strongly that no one should be watching the Super Bowl on CBS. There are alternate ways to watch it and people should do so. I don’t care how goodlooking any of the players’s about supporting a network who obviously supports hate and took money from a church that supports that philosphy.

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    Wait just a minute. He’s talking about nothing other than his Japanese upbringing. White rice and baked potatoes. So um why is this clip here? I know what a Rice Queen is. Is there a Baked Potato queen? What’s this got to do with Gay Civil Equality?

  3. TANK says

    A baked potato queen would be a gay that prefers irishers, sargon…or russians…I don’t know anymore. The point of featuring this is that he defended gay rights and the pro choice view against tebow’s religious zealotry.

  4. Curtis says

    LOVE him.
    Enlightened, charismatic, beautiful bright eyes, an adorable smile … and a total hunk.
    There are better things than the Super Bowl in his future

  5. sparks says

    @SARGON – gosh, I didn’t realize this site was called “Gay Civil Equality And Only Things Related To It” — am pretty sure it is called Towleroad, and has never been restricted to just one topic or area of interest.

  6. Ken says

    What this clip does not show is that Scott is very supportive of gay and lesbian rights…there was a great article in the NY Times earlier this week about Scott Fujita’s very progressive viewpoints — which he is not afraid to state loud and clear.

    Scott comes from a great family. I worked with Scott’s Mom more than a decade ago while Scott was going to Cal. She is a wonderful classy lady who clearly provided a love and support for her son.

  7. Sargon Bighorn says

    @Sparks, It’s a site with Homosexual tendencies, says so at the top…Make of that what you will.

  8. patrick nyc says

    The real deal. He says that some team mates give him shit about supporting gay rights and he could not give a shit. How many gay kids will be watching tomorrow with their dads and have seen or heard his stance, and if not have the strength to come out, at least not the loathing for being gay.

  9. josh.josh.josh says

    Excuse me, I believe that headline should be “New Orleans Super Bowl Champion Fujita.” 😀

  10. John says

    Yes, the “God Team” did not win for once. I guess Peyton Manning didn’t pray hard enough at half time. Or maybe it was because he didn’t give enough money to those ex-gay ministries in Indianapolis this year.

    Ironically, this is probably a sign that there is a loving God after all.