Pope Benedict Precedes UK Visit with Bashing of Gays, Equality

Pope Benedict attacked gays and the UK's equality and anti-discrimination laws (in particular, a bill that is currently making its way through Parliament) in an announcement that he is coming to visit, the Times reports:

Pope "In a speech in which he confirmed that he will be coming to Britain on a four-day visit in September, the Pope said: “Your country is well known for its firm commitment to equality of opportunity for all members of society. Yet as you have rightly pointed out, the effect of some of the legislation designed to achieve this goal has been to impose unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs. In some respects it actually violates the natural law upon which the equality of all human beings is grounded and by which it is guaranteed.”

The Times adds: "Church of England bishops were among those who successfully attacked the

proposed new law in the House of Lords last week, under which the
exemptions from equality law enjoyed by religious organisations would
been altered. Churches feared they could face prosecution if they
refused to
go against their beliefs and employ gays and transsexuals and Catholics
warned that they could be forced to admit women to the priesthood. The Church of England and Catholic bishops of England and Wales will now
forces to fight any intervention by the European Commission to win back
ground lost by the Government."

Groups are already planning action: "His remarks drew swift criticism from the National Secular Society, which said it would stage protests during the visit.

Terry Sanderson, the society's president, said: 'The taxpayer is going to be faced with a bill for £20m for the visit – a visit in which he has already indicated he will attack equal rights and promote discrimination.'

Sanderson said he would seek to bring together gay and feminist groups, family planning organisations, abortion rights and victim support groups, and anyone else who "felt under siege" from the Vatican's 'current militancy'."


  1. Dan Cobbb says

    It seems to me that evolved notions of fairness and equality are leaving the 2000 year old Biblical (im)morality behind. Let’s face it, the average Joe today is 100 times more moral than any of “God’s most beloved” characters in the Bible. God so loved Jacob -a lying, cheating, deceitful bastard; so loved Lot, a man who pimped out his daughters; etc. etc.

  2. Mark says

    The tiresone Papa Ratzi (aka Benedict XVI) is at it again. Maybe when he comes here, the government should make known the UK abhorance for paedophilia and the fact that the age of consent in the Vatican is 12.

  3. clint says

    Queen Elizabeth told the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster that the Pope would not be welcome to stay in Buckingham Palace, and there would be no State Banquet in his honor. Apparently she was alarmed at his recent efforts to bring conservative Anglicans to Rome. My favorite part is that she used a trusted advisor to relay the message instead of, say, that grovelling Papist sellout the Arch-bitch-op of Canterbury. Not that she’s real excited about the Church of England allowing women bishops, or blessing same-sex unions, but she sees those things as internal, family affairs and areas for polite disagreement in religious matters. But the claws come out and the doors slam shut as soon as someone like, say, the Pope on one side, or schismatic former Anglicans on the other, try to poach people and property from, and slander the reputation of, the Church of England and those Churches in Communion.

  4. Disgusted American says

    Interesting HOW it WILL COST the English Taxpayer $20m for his visit? REALLY? The Holy Rollers should HAVE TOO Pay it….and other OPT out of THAT TAX BILL! Same here,when that asshole comes here…why should Secular Americans have to pay it?

  5. peterparker says

    Last year Britain published a list of 16 people that the government had deemed unworthy of entry into the country based on the view that these people were “hate promoters” and “agents of extremism and intolerance”. This list included radio commentator Michael Savage, Fred Phelps and Shirley Phelps-Roper, and various radical Islamic clerics. I say Britain should include Ratzinger on that list as well.

  6. FizziekruntNT says

    @ZNSD. Haaa!

    All hail The Great Satin!

    omg, lmaopmp2. He really a skidmark on the face of human decency and no better than any hateful imam sending emotionally disturbed children out into the world strapped with bombs. The question is, how does one rid the world of such archaic, insidious, hateful stupidity?

  7. alguien says

    henry the 8th had the right idea when he threw cardinal woolsey out of england back in the 1500s. maybe it’s time to take it one step further and ban catholic leadership all together-until they agree to stop spewing their ignorant, hateful party line.

  8. wtf says

    frankly I’m not sure why it would be bad to get rid of him. When someone causes *so much* harm to others, isn’t it in the best interest of all people to get rid of that individual? Of course, I feel the same about Pat Robertson and Maggie Gallagher. The problem with the cathlicks is that you get rid of one head and another one pops right up to take its place, usually with even more venom. they are the hydra.

  9. ravewulf says

    “employ gays and transsexuals and Catholics warned that they could be forced to admit women to the priesthood”

    Gays can get jobs? Women can be priests? Oh the horror! /sarcasm

    How pathetic are these guys, srsly

  10. TANK says

    What’s hilarious is the anticatholic as opposed to antichristian sentiment rampant. Until that changes, religious bigotry toward gays and lesbians will continue to flourish. “MY FAIRYTALE WINS! DAAAAAAAAA..IT’s DA TWUUU WON!” And everyone loses…

  11. archie says

    I can’t wait for this visit. The media are already getting ready to try to spot any ill feeling between the Pope (time in post about four years) and the Queen (time in post fifty six and counting).

    One understands that her majesty has certain subtle ways of showing her dislike or displeasure, it is a national hobby to spot them in the UK.

    It will be made pretty clear to the old priest and his entourage that he is not really welcome in the jolly old UK. It’s the little things like being received for audience in a room with a big portrait of Henry VIII that the royal household specialise in when they don’t like the foreign guests (like ones who have been rude…) And everyone just pretends that the Queen has nothing to do with it all…

    If Obama and his family are at one end of the “people one likes” scale (all that hugging and private phone calls…) then the pope will be left in no uncertainty that he sits at the other end, oh yes and he will probably have to put up with a nice long lecture from prince charles about ecology, multifaith britain and the need for global pollulation control –


  12. says

    Obama should invite him to the Prayer Breakfast tomorrow as guest speaker for the seriously natural-law-only peeps. He can talk about the Christlike limitations he and his ilk have placed upon gays, women, children, infidels everywhere whilst worshipping at the Vatican altar of obscene wealth and pernicious paedophilia.

  13. walter says

    ratzi the nazis strikes again a man in a dress wearing velvet slippers and ermine cape maybe he wants to appear on Ru Paul’s drag race. this man should just die and make the world a better more tolerant place

  14. BonoGono says

    Poopee Benedict Ratzinger:
    1)was a Hitler Youth Member in good standing.
    2)A Nazi Wehrmacht Army soldier
    As a Nazi Party Member -he was required to carry out atrocities against the German Nazi States professed enemies: Innocent Jewish & Gay civilians. Today,as Poopee, he carries those same policies of Hate forward chastizing & condemning gay people & the descendents of the surviving Remnant of The Holocaust-a crime his church did NOTHING to prevent the industrialized mass murder of 11 million!

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