1. notshychirev says

    The obvious question seems to be, why offer anyone a Snickers to get them to stop being Aretha or Liza?

    My theory is that this is the ad Snickers is using to make up to us after the “Super Bowl Homophobic Kiss” debacle of a few years ago.

  2. UFLYGUY says

    It also goes with the same theme as their SuperBowl ad this year with Betty White and Abe Vigoda. I would imagine we’re going to see a lot more celebs eating Snickers.

  3. crispy says

    This campaign is a million times better than their “Snickers Speak” campaign.

    “Take Night Classes at Chewniversity”

    Seriously? Someone got paid to write that?

  4. TANK says

    But honestly, gay men largely (yes, there are fat lots amongst us…but it’s not a disease, to quote ricky gervais) aren’t the demographic for snickers…it’s mooby food.

  5. t says

    Super-cute ad, but then I’m a gay guy who’s old enough to know who Liza Minnelli and Aretha Franklin are. How many twentysomething’s will see this ad and wonder who the hell those women are? They’ll probably conclude that “diva” is just another word for “heavyset black woman” or “plastic surgery victim.”

  6. jakeinlove says

    Wow, the first couple of people have some chips on their shoulders – maybe they could do a Frit-o-lay add. Aretha was actually funny in this! Liza was cute also.

    All these comments about, “twenty somethings won’t know who they are” need to realize that Lady GaGa doesn’t have to be directly associated with every product in order for you to realize the product. Does a house need to fall on your head, or do we need to go back to The Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland, go ahead I’ll give you time to look that up on Widepickia, for you to get the concept of said house falling on your head.

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