Towleroad Guide to the Tube #602

WE ARE THE WORLD: A look at the remake.

UNDERWATER ERUPTION: Volcano blows under sea off of Japan.

BURLESQUE: Behind the scenes of the Cher – Xtina Aguilera movie.

JEDWARD: The X Factor twins cover Queen with Vanilla Ice.

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  1. Paul says

    I kind of feel sorry for Jedward. They seem sweet and are reasonably good looking, but they’re not especially bright and it seems like their stylists and producers are trying to destroy their careers with the stupid Vanilla Ice hair (much less duet), horrible songs, etc.

    It seems too gay to appeal to a lot of tweens (all the backup “dancers” are male) and I can’t imagine them becoming popular enough among gays to make it worth their while (though I’m proven wrong on gay men’s judgment all too often). If you’re going to manufacture a boy band, do it right. Even if this cover does well, they won’t much off it because of how royalties work, and I presume (god knows how or why) that Vanilla Ice was well paid to appear.

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