1. crispy says

    I have thus far refused to watch Caprica since having to replace my smashed television and listen to my partner scream like a raped banshee, “THEY’RE FRAKKING ANGELS?! FUCK YOU, RON MOORE!” My ears are still ringing from that.

    But this scene intrigues me.

  2. Mike says

    Matt, thank God uptight bitches like you are around to look down on the rest of us. Towleroad is not a “news” site. It covers all aspects of the community.

    Feel free to fuck off.

  3. Jared says

    They’ve been pretty slick about putting the gay content in there. In a previous episode the Sam character was telling his nephew how his father used to go to the market to hit on all the girls while he would try to pick up their brothers. I remember sitting there and asking: “Wait. What!?”

    Also, there is a female character that is in a group bisexual marriage with multiple husbands and wives.

  4. Gregoire says

    Apparently though, no homosexual survive the Cylon attack to occur many years later. I mean, do you remember ONE gay or lesbian character during the entire BG run?

    And yes also — ANGELS. Fucking angels.

  5. Clay says

    Gregoire, you forgot Lt. Felix Gaeta, though granted they played that pretty quiet.

    Unruly, Andy didn’t say that Sam Adama had kids, he said that Sam was married.

    Crispy and Gregoire, if you watch even the Pilot for show, you’ll that “Angels” isn’t the right word at all. It seems like the prequel is clearing up a few things.

  6. Rob says

    Besides Admiral Helena Cain; there was Gaeta and Hoshi; though those were the webisodes and included on the DVD’s; so yes, there was a member of the Galactica bridge crew who was gay in a relationship with another Galactica officer.

  7. Disgusted American says

    so far Im really liking CAPRICA… and its Cylon Beginnings…and the “Trinity”….and of course how they show Religion and in ALL its Fanatics related to it… in the Caprica Universe / BSG they beleive in “The Gods”…and the Fanatics ONLY beleive in ONE God? hmmmmm,and they had to Blow up a Trasit Train and kill hundreds to prove thier God is better.. (sound familiar?) ..I really like how they are dealing with the Zoey/Cylon/holographic character storyline.

  8. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    It’s interesting in-retrospect how “dumbed-down” the Galactica’s electronics and computer systems were….to be reduced from immersion holographics down to voice-only crystal sets and hard-wired handsets.

    I just caught it briefly…was that group marriage heterosexual or bisexual? I wonder if such a strucre would have a social and sexual heirachy, or be like a 1960′ free “love commune”?

  9. torrentprime says

    I’m going to put the Hallmark Card comment on here, just ’cause I think someone should emote at least a little bit.
    The scene with Sam and his husband is pretty much my view of nirvana for the social presence I’ve always wanted to see gays have in poplar media. Gays being just as domestic and boring(-appearing) as everyone else in their community, but treated just the same, not as outcasts. I know this is sci-fi (and Syfy), but it did make me pretty happy to see “the gay thing” actually not matter in terms of how characters who-happen-to-be-gay are portrayed on screen.

  10. Eric says

    Will Caprica rank up there with Torchwood for how they portray sexuality?

    I’m not sure about the bi/group marriage comments, according to Blankenhorn, the Prop 8 expert, each time the man marries, it is a marriage between ”one man and one woman.”

  11. Leonard says

    I’ve really put off getting into Caprica, because of how RDM ended BSG, but if Caprica comes close to explaining the mindfuck (‘scuse my french) that was the BSG finale then I might just give it a shot. A gay character only sweetens the deal.

  12. Bizzle says


    Just kidding, I never watched BSG, but am rather enjoying Caprica. They did say however they were tailoring it to get more female viewers than BSG and since I’m a big gay I guess that explains it.

    Sam is MF hot.

  13. says

    The Adama family is Mafia.

    The Adama brother is Gay – Gay Mafia.

    The underage Adama is ‘recruited’ to a life of crime.

    The Gay Mafia invite the underage Adama back home to ‘have a beer’.

    Real World Translation;

    Militiant Married Homosexuals will recruit young boys into lives of crime.

    As a Married Gay Male myself, I would like syfy to reply to this observation. Why did you make us look so bad?

  14. Nick says

    @Tolver – Seriously? Are you that paranoid? You are trying to place conspiracy where there is none. Sam Adama is merely trying to teach his nephew what it means to be Taurean, and the thug/mafia aspect just happens to be something that both he and his brother are wrapped up in. Joseph is so consumed with the death of his wife and his oldest daughter, he is totally neglecting the raising of his remaining child, which by the way is a leitmotif continued in BSG with the death of Zack Adama and William and Lee’s strained relationship.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…

  15. says

    Nick, Tolver has a point… like the anti-Obama message of ‘V’ the re imagining. Of course, given Tolver’s last line Tolver could just be being sarcastic 😉

    Speaking of ‘V’… I really really wish it had been bought and produced for cable, instead of network television. Caprica (let alone BS:G) would have never survived and thrived on network tv. ‘V’ could have explored many issues without having to dumb it down and rush things, which is too bad because Alan Tudyk and Morris Chestnut were the best thing to come out of ‘V’. We’ll hopefully see more of Tudyk in other things; but where can Chestnut go?

  16. says

    @Nick – Seriously. Do you think the anti-gay forces are blind to this interpertation? I wonder at the politics that would allow this sort of thinly veiled stereotyping to be shown to the public. If we accept this lable now then we will be forever haunted by it. My opinion.

  17. John says

    Anyone who has seen BSG knows that the kid – the future Admiral William Adama – will find all sorts of uses for these little “life lessons” from Uncle Sam. And the Taurons are immigrants on Caprica. They are discriminated against within that society. And so some of them turn to “informal redistribution of wealth” as a means of survival. It makes perfect sense within the context of the show’s fiction.

    Not all of us are upper-middle class conformists. Nor are we great humanitarians by virtue of sexual orientation. There are some truly despicable people out there – racist, sexist, anti-semitic, and violent people – who happen to have a sexual attraction to members of the same sex.

  18. Zach says

    ” I wonder at the politics that would allow this sort of thinly veiled stereotyping to be shown to the public.”

    I personally have no interest in correcting bigots who would draw so lunatic a conclusion from the show.

    In any case, ‘Caprica’ is in large part a condemnation of religious fundamentalism: both the Colonial society’s polytheism and the monotheistic fringe elements.

    And it’s nice to see a gay character with considerable shades of gray, whose sexuality is only incidental to his identity as a mob enforcer.

  19. Geoff says

    I am not getting the Caprica is portraying gays badly theory at all.
    The kid will go on to same the Human and Cylon races. He hates his father and his gay uncle taught him everything he knows. Ergo his gay uncle is in part responsible for saving the Human and Cylon races.
    Also why are people upset over the “angel” thing? It was obvious from the beginning that something was manipulating both the Humans and the Cylons. Plus at the end one of the “Angels” says to another “Don’t call it God. It hates that” I think the better interpretation is that it is some kins of ascended person or machine that achieved apotheosis. The very same thing that the Sister Clarice is trying to achieve.

  20. Zach says

    “Also why are people upset over the “angel” thing? It was obvious from the beginning that something was manipulating both the Humans and the Cylons. Plus at the end one of the “Angels” says to another “Don’t call it God. It hates that”

    The idea that there were higher beings never bothered me, the way it was handled did. Season 4.5 should have built to their revelation. Too much was squeezed into a series finale without enough explanation. We didn’t need to know exactly what the Head characters were, but we needed to know more about their purpose.

    And I take major issue with the Colonial strategy of giving up all technology. The Cylons didn’t come about because the Colonials used technology; they came about because they abused it. All they did was subvert human nature for 150,000 years until the 21st century came along.

  21. Mike says

    Who said there was NEVER a gay or lesbian character portrayed on BSG?! If I remember correctly and I also own the the DVD which was included with season 4. “Battelstar Galactica Razor”. This episode which any true BSG follower would know revisits the cylon attack on Caprica. The battleship Pegasus is the only other military ship to escape unbeknownst to the galactica and the rest of the “rag tag” fleet. This of course is not revealed until mid season 2 cliff hanger. Anyways, the Razor episode clearly shows us that the commander of the Pegasus (formerly ensign Ro from Star Trek: TNG) is a lesbian in a relationship with a cylon, who when discovered is then tourtured….hell hath no fury like a woman scorned as the say, straight or gay!!

  22. Mike says

    If I could also add that BSG or Caprica are very well made shows that TOUCH only on a number of subjects. I know that many people are passionate about the topic but this show or BSG was never meant to be some platform for furthering the publics acceptance of gay relationships. I believe scenes like that are put in casually to show people that these kind of relationships are all around them and they are slowly being accepted, because that is the only way they will be accepted. Slowly over time and not over night and rammed down peoples throats. I’m gay and wish it would happen faster but it just doesn’t work that way and you have no furhter to look than history to see how slow many groups of people who were once considered different or wrong have slowly been accepted over time.

  23. Suzie-Q says

    Sasha Roiz is one sexy mother f**ker! I’m guessing he’s straight since no one has posted a picture licking something creamy off the inside of his *thighs. I’ll keep my options open then….LOL and the show must have captured a female audience because I never watched Syfy until Sam took his shirt off then BAM! a fan for life.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Mr. Graystone handles the news that ended last season. Did the same crew sign up for another filming? Hope so, just please add more naked Sam and maybe Sam’s brother can join in on this ‘clothes optional’ idea… a hot threesome perhaps? Count me in LIOl Anyway… I digress.

    Ciao! Suzie-Q

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