1. Keinark says

    Joe gets points for taking it in such stride. Very comfortable with his sexuality. Makes him even hotter. Now I’m wishing I was the one checking out his junk.

  2. Timzilla says

    I thought cameras and cell-phones with cameras were forbidden health club locker rooms. If it’s that impressive why doesn’t Joe show the world his junk? I agree, the kid looks pretty guileless and happily goofy, he probably is at least borderline. He doesn’t have any shame about it at all. I have seen countless straight men obviously staring at women working out at the gym with much more lascivious looks on their faces. Get over it Joe.

  3. NYitalianjock says

    I feel bad for the voyeur… he’s just a kid. And Joe Rogan is hot as hell. I’d be staring too.

  4. micheal says

    i don’t blame the kid, either

    joe is HOT!

    and he doesn’t REALLY seem to mind all that much, does he?

  5. Jersh says

    That was such a set up. he just wants people to think he has a nice dick. i bet its worse looking than his hairline.

  6. john says

    was that even real? I mean the retarded kid is SO damn obvious that it feels staged. AND why does Joe insist on showering with the boys anyway? I go straight home after the gym to my own shower because I can’t stand the smell of vitamin-crotch and moldy-funk that most locker rooms have. He must want other dudes to check him doth think the lady protests too much “oh he’s staring at my junk, I just hate that, here I’ll take my junk out again so everyone can see it even though I hate it when they look”….uh huh.

  7. Dhani Darko says

    Dudes…dudes…come on. This was an internet “short” for a comedy website. The lurker was an actor or an assistant. Are you in that much of a fantasy world? Please logoff and get to the roller rink immediately!

  8. Disgusted American says

    ahh that young guy reminds me of a guyhere at wrk – with Autism….looks kind of like him too….he prob. has issues/mental..and is not been taught “bounderies”

  9. jay says

    This is real. The kid clearly has major problems. He eventually was kicked out of the gym for this kind of behavior.

  10. Dback says

    I used to think Rogan was so hot, and obsessed over the nude shoot he did years ago for some fashion awards. Then I saw him on YouTube doing a “comedy” routine about how “funny” “Brokeback Mountain” was, and how he laughed through the whole film–including the parts, apparently, where one man gets disembowled, and another beaten to death. I now think he’s a selfish, homophobic bastard.

  11. betty says

    Joe Rogan is a hard core bottom for hung leather daddies who likes to get pissed on. He is so afraid of his homosexuality he preteneds to be overly macho. That was totally fake and to bait people in the gay community who can out you in two seconds flat is stupid. P.S. Paul in Boston says Hi Joe and he thinks he left his beads in you

  12. rjp3 says

    Joe is a great guy – have seen him live.
    He does not have an anti-gay bone in his body …. far too cool

  13. DR says

    I agree this whole thing seems staged with a couple of his buddies for a skit. It feels totally staged. Nothing natural, even the kidding.

  14. says

    I sincerely hope this was a “staged” video, regardless, I do not find it funny. There are mature and immature ways with dealing with challenged young people and curious young people – filming them in a locker room could lead to embarrassment by family and friends leading to suicide. Right now we are fighting hard to overturn DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL – the last thing we need is a viral video of a young man staring at another man in a locker room – while the man “pretends” to be disgusted. Shame on you for re-posting this video!