1. Rocky Falco says

    What defines a man is not what hangs between his legs, but what’s in between is ears and in is heart that defines a real man.

    Way to go Johnny, Way to go.

  2. jesse james says

    A crown of roses is also a crown of thorns. Something subliminal there?

    Anyway, he looks strong, they look weak.

    They make a living by fitting in, he makes a living in spite of not fitting in. I wonder if they apologized?

  3. Chris says

    Johnny ,

    Be unbothered child. They can’t take your pride and how you love to be YOU!

    Don’t ever change for anyone!

  4. Qjersey says

    I wish him nothing but the best…and a long public career off the ice.

    However, he will a bigger draw for professional ice shows than Evan and I’m sure his fans will be there in full force!

  5. voet says

    It is great to see someone so comfortable with who they are that they can call out someone’s ignorance and stupidity without being unkind. What a classy guy!

  6. Leonard says

    He really is a good guy. I loved his answer to Dorothy Hamil, when she asked him what his thoughts were in response to one of the sportscasters comments (which was along the lines of, “he should not be seen on T.V., because little boys might see him, emulate him, and become flamboyantly fabulous,” though they didn’t add that last part. :)

    His response was simple and short. Every little boy should be lucky to grow up to be him. And it’s the truth! He’s competing in the Winter Olympics. We should all be so lucky to be him. Those assholes that made those comments are just that, assholes. Ignore the haters till they fade away, Johnny!

  7. sonofabutch says

    Hell to the YES…! You GO Johnny, dammit…I just drug myself out of bed, turned on the computer and this is the first thing I saw today and I must say: It made my ‘effing day…ahhh, destiny!

  8. Chris says

    The strange thing is, Quebec is the most gay friendly province in Canada. Pressure should be put on the network to fire these two clowns.

  9. Ken says

    Wow. Just wow. That speech was so incredibly eloquent, and, more importantly, so obviously from his heart and extemporaneous. I only wish that I had had someone like Johnny as a role model back in the day…

  10. kb says

    I honor the gay, lesbian and transgendered generation who ‘have had enough’ and are willing and confident to stand up and stand out. Bravo, Friends! We are worthy.

  11. TampaZeke says

    Never much cared one way or the other about Johnny UNTIL today!

    That was truly inspired.

    As of today, count me among his fans.

    Still not a fan of the fur though.

  12. spiderseye says

    A poutine is a traditional dish in Montreal. French fries, topped with cheese curds and gravy. Go Johnny. Love you more on and off the ice every day!

  13. Paul says

    while watching the men’s figure skating I was just in awe of what these young men could do. It takes real precision and skill and hard work to train and perfect that talent. they get a lot of flack saying…”oh that sport is so gay”. Well tell me this what talent does one have to have to bulldoze the opposition as in football. I mean, in football you have a quarterback and runningback and the kicker who have to have talent…but the rest the guards and tackles…they just have to be big and fat. ugh I’d like to see them put in the effort that these young men do.

  14. says

    Since the beginning of these Olympics and also watching “Be Good Johnny Weir,” I have become a huge fan of Johnny and his artistry. What makes an even bigger impression to me is how well he combats the criticism for being his “flamboyant” self. He is intelligent, eloquent, yet brutally honest, and he will always come out on top of his antagonists. Thank you, Johnny for being a trailblazer, and I wish you much success long after you leave the ice.

  15. Bill says

    I don’t know who the hell this kid is, but I feel deeply for him.

    To me, this entire thing seems like nothing more than a very public gay-bashing.

    While the world watches.

    This must be an example of that heterosexual morality I keep hearing about…

  16. stolidog says

    Truly, truly a shame about his disrespect for animals.
    I want to like him, but anyone who chooses to wear fur while being fully informed of the awful way the animals are treated is simply not a good person.

  17. TANK says

    Well, to be clear, he said he wouldn’t wear fur anymore, but not because he cares about the suffering of animals that are used to produce it by furriers. He said he’s doing it for other reasons, which I’d imagine come down to his public image. That entails that he doesn’t care about animals, sooo…Yeah, I’d like to like him as a celebrity/athlete, too…but can’t.

  18. Meh says

    I know I should support him because he’s out and proud and all, but I can’t help but find him irritating and unlikable. Especially all the fur stuff. Like 20 foxes had to die so he could look like a tacky queen?

  19. andrea says

    He is an amazing person…I love his personality AND his attitude. I would be proud to have my 11 year old son accept him as a role model…he’s everything a decent human being should be!

  20. Claude says

    What’s especially galling is that one of the 2 guys making the comments is this big French flamer, retired from figure skating.
    (You know the type: the kind that married to save appearances(What appearances?)and breeds papillons rather than have kids)
    I’m a little appalled that we havent heard from any of the great queens of canadian skating i.e. Brian Orser, Toller Cranston(Or is he dead?)etal.
    I have a cousin who was in the canadian Top Ten in the 80s, and he only came out to the family at age 30, to great eye-rolling, I might add…

  21. MARKD says

    let’s talk role model – that’s what he is, and a damn fine one (in so many ways.) thanks my friend!

  22. Henry Holland says

    “I want to like him, but anyone who chooses to wear fur while being fully informed of the awful way the animals are treated is simply not a good person”

    Answer me one simple question, Stolidog. Are you a total, 100% vegan, 24/7/365 (366 in leap years)? Because if you aren’t, you’re a total hypocrite.

    You’re not a total hypocrite, are you?

  23. says

    I have loved Johnny ever since I saw him in a Vogue layout a couple of years back. He does what he does well, has great style and taste and he makes no apologizes for being himself. If more people were like him maybe we could focus on other bettering ourselves maybe?

  24. Rinnie says

    I am in love with Johnny Weir. I don’t know if I want to be him or be with him, but…I can’t help but love an outspoken, confident person.

  25. Ashley says

    I’m not a fan of figure skating but after seeing his show I actually tuned into the Winter Olympics for the first time just to watch him. Love him. Little boys should be so lucky, with the exception of the fur, he’s a fantastic role model. Proof that you can become anything if you put your mind, heart, and soul into it. Not to mention he doesn’t give a toss what anyone says.