1. RGB says

    The beauty of digital filming is that stuff like this doesn’t really take a lot of time or money. ESPECIALLY if these guys are students, because they would have free access to most of the equipment and software needed to pull this off. This looked like a couple hours of filming and no more than a few days in post. Thank god for douchey idiots that like to sound all superior about things they really have very little understanding of!

  2. on says

    RGB, before you chastise “douchey idiots that talk about things they have very little understanding of” you should educate yourself. I work in visual effects and it is an extremely laborious process. Bill Parker spent over 3 weeks on the special effects here, and he did a pretty good job for a guy working solo. Even though it looks simple, generating these explosions and compositing them onto live action footage takes a very long time, not just “a couple of days.”

  3. tony says

    @on – although clumsily written, I’m assuming RGB’s ‘douchey idiot’ comment was directed at the first commenter, timb

    @RGB – according to the filmmakers, they “shot this in 30 minutes and only used 8 minutes of tape. I then proceeded to spend 3 and a half weeks putting in the visuals for the film.”

  4. tim b says

    Not to pile on, here, but I wasn’t trying to be superior… I laughed all the way through this thing. But I can’t remember the last time I had the time and resources to put something together ambitious just for the fun of it… too busy trying to pay the bills. I’m glad other people do (although I’ll admit to a little bit of envy).

  5. chris says

    Guys, guys… It’s a great video that was well done. You can see that they spent a quality amount of time shooting and puting the clip together, if it was 2 days or 2 years! 3.5 minutes of fun and entertainment. Why are we argueing?

    I loved it… hilarious concept!!!!

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