1. says

    If the woman pictured is, in fact, the electronica bog lady artist thing in speculation, then we can rule out Alison Goldfrapp as well as Helen and Mira from Ladytron… that mug CLEARLY does not belong to any of them.

  2. Matty says

    It’s too original and stylized to be Lady Gaga, but give a little while for her team to rip this off too and I’m sure she’ll be pushing something similar down our throats.

    It’s not girly or mainstream enough for Christina and it’s not quite Goldfrapp’s style either.

    As Paul pointed out, it does seem like something Karin Dreijer would do plus all the nature scenes and snow give me a Scandinavian vibe.

  3. menyc says

    It would be great if it was Marget Berger. Her last album was sadly unnoticed and mostly great. Strongly recommend youtubing “Samantha”. Should have been a hit.

  4. Chris says

    I haven’t seen anyone mention her, but I think it’s Aubrey O’Day. There was a lot of talk about her launching her career in the US as a solo artist, and these pics sure look like her.

  5. says

    sorry… it’s late and i’ve been drinking and cut and pasted wrong. Let me correct:

    My guess is Röyksopp “what else is there” video has a lot of its elements stolen from it.

    based on the style of the videos, dripping white ooze, and the fucked up teeth i would think that it’s the chic from the video aka Karin/Fever Ray.

    Also I will add that the videos are much too dark and stylized for anything currently in America. No one is this adventurous over here. across the pond, however… there are several people who fit the bill. i think it’s Karin

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